Why Does Your SEO Strategy Fail? This is the reason


Tipswalet. Why Does Your SEO Strategy Fail? This is the reason-  I once read an article from someone who claimed to be an ‘SEO expert’ who said that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) had ended for the era of Google’s Penguin algorithm. I shocked to read the article (sorry I didn’t include the source link, please search on Google) at that time. Of course, this makes me feel a bit ‘down’ because SEO is one source of traffic from my blog in the world of internet marketing. Related to that, some of my money sites experienced a significant decrease in SERP on the Google search engine. This incident also made traffic and earnings dropped dramatically. When it has happened,  I think that the article was true, that SEO techniques had been finished forever.

Then I and some friends dig deeper information and do some experimental research about changes that occur in the google search engine. And I found some information and the fact that SEO techniques are actually reliable but need to be modified. Then you might ask why your SEO strategy failed? Here are some reasons why the SEO strategy that you implement doesn’t work or even has a negative impact on your website:

1. Your Website is Bad

This is a reality that often happens in the era of Google Panda algorithm and Google Penguin! Now, this SEO is not just about many backlinks but more than that, now Google bot also sees the quality of your website. You must have quality content to win Google’s attention. In addition, Google also pays attention to user activities on your website and also social media. If you do not have content that is liked by your users or poor appearance and navigation, chances are that your website will get problems in the SERP, especially Google.

2. You Use Old SEO Tactics

Google’s search engine algorithms or other search engines always change from time to time. It is because the SEO tactics that are done also change from time to time according to changes in the search engine algorithm. Non-up-to-date SEO campaigns can have a negative impact on your website’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page), always do an up-to-date SEO campaign to maintain the SERP position of your website.

3. You Choose a Niche That Is Too Difficult

Choosing a niche that is too difficult is a risk to your business because you will definitely be faced with other competitors who may be very well known for the niche. You will compete with big websites and famous brands that have been trusted by search engines, maybe you feel ready to compete but this will be something that makes you frustrated, and you must be prepared for it.

4. You Don’t Have Tools to Analyze a Website and Track Your Goals

Maybe you don’t want to bother installing analytics tools on your site. But how can you know your website’s traffic and your goal is achieved if your website doesn’t have tools installed to analyze it? Installing Google Analytics on your website is a must if you want to succeed In your SEO campaign. So. that’s why you know what your goals are important ti achieved and what strategies are suitable for your SEO campaign.

5. Focus on the Keywords of Your Site Too Narrow

Focusing on a niche is a good choice, but if you choose keywords (keywords) that are too narrow or rarely searched through search engines, then the chances are that you will get very little traffic. You need to slightly expand your site’s keywords to get a chance to reach a wider audience but still remain in your niche.

6. Build Backlinks in the Wrong Way

Building backlinks is something that is recommended for SEO activities, we all agree about this! But in the era of panda and penguin algorithms, you are not advised to build backlinks in the old way at will. You may have been tempted by backlinks that offer 10,000 backlinks in a short time and enough to pay IDR 100,000 – WOW! If you have ever used these services in panda and penguin times, the result is I can guess … most likely your SEO campaign failed! To build healthy backlinks for your website, you must pay attention to the quality of backlinks, and must look natural.

7. You Don’t Use Social Media

I believe that almost everyone has a social media account, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and others. If you have a website but don’t have a social media account, I think it’s a big mistake … really too! If you do an SEO campaign and think you can win SEO competition without using social media, then I can say that you are fooling yourself!

8. You Are Impatient

It’s a pity that the SEO process doesn’t happen quickly. You do all the effort in the right way but maybe the results you expect are not seen in days or weeks or even monthly. There is no definite time when your SEO campaign will show results, but I say that the right effort and patience is a must done by a webmaster, even when you don’t get the results in time you should still do your SEO as well as possible.

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