What is a WordPress Site And 11 Advantages Of It


Tipswalet. To create a website, most people will use a CMS (Content Management System). This is a website platform with features and convenience in building a site. I assume you already know the types of websites that exist today such as blogger, webly, jigsy and several others. However, specifically in this article, I will explain the advantages of other CMS that are very powerful, namely WordPress.

WordPress itself consists of two types, namely WordPress self-hosting namely wordpress.com, and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a service of one type of web 2.0 by following the sub-domain of WordPress. Whereas for WordPress.org, it is a free CMS that is intended to build a website with a separate domain or use TLD (Top Level Domains such as .com, .co, .net, etc.)

What is WordPress Site

What is WordPress site? If you are a beginner, of course this kind of question often comes to your mind. WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. More than 30% of websites created in WordPress and the percentage will continue to increase!

In general, content management systems are web applications that allow owners, editors, and authors to manage websites and publish content without having to master technical terms and programming languages first.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, which turned out to be supported by almost all web hosting providers. There is also a WordPress hosting package that offers advantages in the speed, performance, and reliability of the website.

Another advantage of WordPress lies in the type of website that can be created on this platform. This CMS allows you to not only create simple blogs, but also e-commerce, portfolio, newspaper, or whatever you want.

What Is WordPress Site Advantage

Today, many people choose Blogspot or WordPress.com in building their blogs because it’s free. This is not a problem if the intention is just for fun. But if you want to look more pro in development and ease of customization, I would rather recommend WordPress.org with your own hosting and special TLD settings. Ok, it doesn’t need to be long, here are some of the advantages of WordPress over other platforms:

1. WordPress has many varied themes

Themes or templates on a site are very important factors. When visitors enter your site’s page, the first impression they get is a web display or layout. Simple and attractive themes can make visitors feel like lingering on your website.

WordPress offers an unlimited choice of themes, you can use free themes that have been provided with unlimited amounts. But if you want to use themes that are more personal or unique, you can edit a theme for free, or you can also buy a theme that suits you.

2. WordPress Plugin Facility that Simplifies Optimization

Most people ask “What Is WordPress Site and what is the best advantage?”. On a WordPress blog, you can add certain plugins to increase the ability of a blog. There are many types of plugins on WordPress and have their own functions. One of them is the All In One SEO Pack plugins that serve to help your web optimization in search engines.

There are still many plugins that you can use for your WordPress web/blog according to the functions you need. No special expertise is needed to install plugins into your WordPress web, just install and activate plugins. Some plugins will require settings, but most WordPress plugins can be easily set.

3. WordPress Permalink that is ‘friendly’ with search engines

The ‘friendly’ permalink structure is a permalink structure that is easy to read by search engines. In WordPress, we can set the permalink structure to match the title of the article we are making. With permalink that has similarities to the title of the article, it will make every article on the website easily read by search engines. In addition, of course, this also helps SEO a site in the ranking of the Search Engines.

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4. Elegant and Easy to Arrange Widgets

This is a facility for managing module blocks on the sidebar or footer of our WordPress blog. You can add modules to the sidebar and set widgets as desired by drag and drop, very easy for beginners and lay people who want to create their own website.

As is known, the function of the widget is quite important on a website. This can be an added value when the attractive widget is simple and even makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need.

5. Structure of HTML Code in WordPress can be easily changed

On WordPress.com we cannot change the existing HTML code. But for WordPress.org you can change the HTML code in it as you wish to do further optimization such as adding Google analytics or other code. To do this, of course, you have to understand coding first, or copy/paste coding from a trusted provider.

In addition, you have to learn a little more about coding. This is so that you are easy to do settings in WordPress. Most WordPress themes have a good look, but you definitely want to make a few changes, right. Even though you don’t have to be an expert in coding, knowing a little about the structure of this code must be understood so that the appearance of a blog or web is really made as you want.

6. Integrated link management

In most weblogs, there will be links or links to other recommended sites. With the WordPress site, you can easily install and manage links to other sites.

7. It’s easy to create and edit pages on WordPress

I once created a blog on Blogger and until this article I wrote I have not managed to make a special page according to what I want. I’m sure there must be a way to create a special page on the Blogspot was I create, but how to create a page on WordPress is obviously much easier. The menu for creating clear pages and settings is very easy to do.

8. WordPress has anti-spam

Spammers are one of the problems that often interfere with bloggers, no matter what their website niche. Lots of spammers use special software to make fake comments so that their site links are on the comments page. I think it’s better that there are no comments in my article than the comments come from spammers. This is because too much spam in your comments will reduce the quality of your website in the eyes of Search Engines like Google.

To overcome these spammers, WordPress also provides free plugins called Akismet. The function of these plugins is to hold all spam comments sent to our blog. How to install Akismet plugins is very easy, and requires registration for its use.

9. Tagging is friendly

WordPress is also equipped with tagging facilities that aim so that we can enter tags with keywords related to the article created. These tags will certainly make your site more easily recognized by search engines, and help SEO our site.

10. Multiple Authors In WordPress

To update or add articles, we need a lot of time. This is the reason some people use the services of other writers in order to increase the number of articles. This is the advantage of WordPress which is rarely owned by other CMS. You can add writers on the WordPress blog easily and practically without worrying about the security of our site. There are several levels of users in WordPress, each of which has its own function.

  1. SEO Editor, this is the type of user who has the authority to change the writing so that the article becomes SEO friendly. Read Also: How to make SEO Articles in 2019and page one on Google Search
  2. SEO Manager, As the name implies, this is the type of user who organizes and marks which ones need to be improved in an article.
  3. Subscriber, only ordinary followers will get a notification when there is an update or the latest article update.
  4. Contributors are users who can make writing or articles, and can also delete articles made by themselves. However, to update the article, or create a new post it will be marked as pending to get administrator approval.
  5. The author is the type of user who can write, delete and add files to photos or videos they make. This is more convenient than contributors.
  6. The editor is a user who can do all the activities of the author. Plus, editors can view articles, create and delete pages. In fact, an editor can manage each category, link and comment moderation.
  7. Administrators, are people who have full access to the website. But most importantly, only administrators can add new users to the website.

11. Can block the visitor from a particular IP

WordPress provides features that can make you feel safe from spam. This is another advantage of WordPress.org, besides being able to hold suspicious comments in the spam box, we can also block IP spammers. This is so that they cannot access our site in the future.

Well, that was all you had to know about What is WordPress site. Hopefully, this article can increase your knowledge about the website and can help you decide between WordPress org vs com. Good luck.

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