What is a startup and how is it progressing?


Tipswalet. What is a startup and how is it progressing? – The startup is a company that has just been established and is in the development and research phase to find the right market. In order not to miss the latest information, let’s see further information about startup. We also will learn all about the following startups.

What is a startup?

Of course, you have often heard the term startup. But the question that often arises is “What is the startup resolution?” Actually, the startup business is enough to grow in the U.S.

Unfortunately, a small number of business people do not understand clearly what is meant by a startup. Reporting from several sources, Startup is a startup company that is developing and looking for market targets with business ideas that have never been learned by other people before.

In other words, companies that represent new companies are established and are in the development and research phase to find the right market. The term startup is often associated with new companies in the field of technology and information. Why is that? The term startup is often associated with new companies in the field of technology and information. Why is that?

Apparently, the reason was that the term “startup” became popular internationally during the dot-com bubble (1998 to 2000). This is because many dot-com companies were established simultaneously in that period. Thus, many companies that use the internet as a means of developing their businesses are born into the startup business.

The characteristics of a startup include the following:

  • Company age is less than 3 years;
  • The number of employees is less than 20 people;
  • Income less than the $ 100,000 per year;
  • Still in the developing stage;
  • Generally operating in the field of technology;
  • Products made in the form of applications in digital form;
  • Usually operates through a website;

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How? It is interesting not to know the origin of this startup. Now my Financial will invite you to get to know more about startup.

Startup Founder and Investor

At present, there are estimated to be more than 58 startups that have obtained A-series funding. In total there are 103 founders from 58 startups and 50 of them serving as CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and the remaining 11 serving as Chief Technology Officers.

In addition to the CEO and CTO, there are also those who have multiple positions as CMOs, Head of Products, and others. Once established, most startup companies will seek funding. The better the prospect of a startup company, the more funding can be obtained generally.

At least there are currently 3 types of funding in the startup business as follows:

# 1 Bootstrapping

getting parties to invest in a startup business is not easy. Need a lot of preparation and convincing evidence.

Much of the founders were forced to use the personal resources they currently have. This was done to find investors who were interested in disbursing money for business capital owned.

This stage is called Bootstrapping.

# 2 Seed Funding

The Seed funding phase is the initial funding obtained by startup companies. Usually, this phase requires the participation of all team members. Good collaboration makes this phase very successful.

Seed funding is generally used to prove that business ideas can work well before obtaining further funding.

# 3 Funding

If you have passed the seed funding stage, generally the startup companies will enter the third stage, Funding. This phase is the determining phase which will also be a benchmark for success. This phase is a source of analysis of whether the startup is successful or failed. However, most of those who make it here are potential startup companies.

At this stage, the startup company is ready to receive funding from Venture Capital. Startup companies offer shares as a reciprocal of funding obtained from Venture Capital.

Startup Development in the World

The development of startup companies in arguably very good. Why?

This business has sprung up even in every month. For example, in developing countries,
this is quite tempting. According to dailysocial.net, there are currently at least 1,500 local startup companies in Indonesia.

This can occur because of the rapid increase in the potential for internet use by users. Thus, this facility becomes a wetland to establish a startup.

At present, it is estimated that internet users in Indonesia have reached 70 million, and this value continues to increase. Imagine what the number of years will be.

You know, the progress of startups in Indonesia is motivated by startup business people from
The U.S? Awesome isn’t it. In America itself, people are currently competing to develop each other. For those who have capital, Indonesia can be a profitable investment target.

Still, from the dailysocial.net source, it is also explained that there are at least 3 Startup groups at this time:

  1. game creator,
  2. educational application
  3. trading such as e-commerce and information.

Examples of startups that have been successful in America today:

1. Online Ticket Startup

startup from San Francisco, named Gametime, has raised an investment of more than $ 30 million. Gametime is an application to buy tickets for an event that can be accessed from your smartphone. You can buy a ticket at the last minute before the event starts. This application allows you to send tickets via SMS directly to your friends. But all payments are only made online from your smartphone.

2. Chat Houseparty Video Group application

Houseparty was developed by Life On Air, the same company that created the Meerkat live streaming application. It simply allows users to make video calls in groups whenever they want. When your friends first start the conversation, you can see who is joined and immediately participate.

Interestingly, users can invite their friends to join in conversations from anywhere by sharing links, both via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter or other media. This means you don’t have to wait for friends standby and online in the Houseparty application to start a conversation.

3. Selling Luxury Items Online

RealReal is a startup from the US that creates a platform for the sale of luxury goods, there are many similar ideas on the market. However, the founders have made offers on the quality of all items, which are displayed on the platform checked for authenticity by experts. Company experts pay attention to every detail. So buyers can be sure 100% of the items they see on the company page are genuine products.

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Currently, RealReal has managed to collect 3 million customers during the first three years, since its inception. Now the volume of investment in this startup has reached $ 172 million, experts suggest that investors look more closely at the company, because the startup shows very fast growth.

well, how? interested in becoming a startup? Or do you want to become a financier who enjoys the results of being obsessed with other people’s startups? Definitely, want it, right?

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