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Tipswalet. Top 7 Website Who Highly Paid Your Design – Do you intend to sell your artwork? it is certainly an interesting idea, many people become bored doing design work if it turns out that what they are doing does not come to fruition. To increase enthusiasm can be tried to make money from these works by selling them to the world market.

There are several ways to sell design works, one of which is promoted on your personal website or on your social media. But for those of you who don’t have a website and are rather lazy to use social media, then you can sell your work on the following websites.

7 Websites For You to Sell Designs Online

For those of you who have a collection of interesting designs of your own work, then you can sell them and start making money. Well, there are at least 7 websites to sell your designs online. These websites are trusted and have many customers. In fact, some of them have become a reference for people to look for the designs they want. Well, what are those? here is the review:

7. Society 6

The Society 6 site makes it easy for designers and artists to sell services around various designs for print media from the art of poster printing to t-shirts and iPhone cases.

6. Big Cartel

This website is a template for many designers or artists to sell their work online, here you can sell your work free of charge.

5. Etsy

Etsy is a terabit choice for those who have ideas if you are an artist who likes to create ideas this is certainly the place for you.
For example, if you are an artist who wants to sell your own handmade jewelry, Etsy can be an interesting place.

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4. Shopify

A little different from the Big Cartel that allows you to add shopping carts to your website with minimal fees, at Shopify you can only register and try Shopify for free for the first 14 days. Of course, because Shopify is a busy market, so they deliberately set policies like that. Shopify is certainly very worth trying as a place to sell design works.

3. Red Bubble

Another website that allows you to submit design works is the red bubble. Here you can also follow other artists.

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2. Artwork Heroes

Artwork can be a good place for you to start a business. Artists from all over the world can submit their work and Artwork Heroes will pay you 40% of the profits of the items you sell and 20% for various charities. Artwork Heroes will also take care of printing and manufacturing and shipping.

1. Envato Marketplace

The Envato Marketplace can be an interesting place too. They have different websites according to different art categories, making them quite structured. Hm … of course there are already many Indonesians who sell their works here. It is very appropriate for you to try it too.

The final stage is, of course, you also need to add self-promotion skills and promote your works on various sites so that people get to know and can see what you have made. Of course, for better results, you need to work harder too.
Happy selling, good luck, designer friends …

If you have references to other places, please share them by writing them in the comments section of this article.

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