Top 5 of the Most Popular insurance companies With Best Services To Customers

Tipswalet. Top 5 of the Most Popular insurance companies With Best Services To Customers- Insurance companies are increasingly active to offer their flagship products. This is because the U.S community is increasingly aware of the importance of investments such as insurance. Most U.S people take into account their old age. Most importantly, they try to guarantee their families if something happens.

Discussing insurance companies, their competition is very strict in finding customers. They are increasingly making promos to attract many people. But you must be careful. Not all insurance companies can be trusted to be your best investment place. At least, it is wise to choose the right insurance company such as those who are already licensed or indeed you know well. The previous article explained, how to choose the right insurance for your family. Please read the article to be your consideration.

At least, currently there are 5 best insurance companies in the world that you can trust to hold your investment and trust you in the future. These companies have no doubt about their existence. They have handled millions of customers and even companies.

Not only that, but these 5 companies also have many branches throughout the world. This is a separate consideration for you, right? Well, there’s no need to talk at length anymore, here are 5 of the Most Popular insurance companies in the version that can be recommended:

1. ING Group

The company was established on January 21, 1991, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company which has around 68,431 employees provides services such as life and non-life insurance, investment, banking, and research management. ING Group also has a variety of attractive features and services for its clients.

Like most insurance companies, this company also relies on professional insurance agencies to lure prospective customers. They offer services that make prospective customers feel profitable. It is acknowledged that the services offered are quite diverse and it is not difficult to claim.

Ranging from small to large businesses, private companies to state-owned companies also get offers of features that are no less great. In addition, they also have retail businesses such as German retail, Dutch retail, Belgian Retail, Commercial Bank, Japan Life, Retail Rest of World, European Insurance, Netherlands Non-Life and Investment Management. Their CEO is Ralph Hamers.

2. AXA Group

Who is not familiar with Axa Group. This company is worldwide in the insurance sector. Improved Millions of people choose insurance from Axa Group because they are considered professional and good at serving customers.

Headquartered in Paris, France, this company was founded in 1985. AXA Group is a group of insurance, investment and retirement groups that have won the trust of the world community. Their centers are in North America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and the Middle East.

Not only interested in customers, insurance companies that have millions of dollars in assets in various countries also become a dream for many job seekers. It is known at this time, AXA already has more than 96,000 employees. Axa, led by a CEO named Henri de Castries, dares to give a big bonus for each agent who has the potential and prestige.

In 2013 AXA obtained a 50% stake from Tian Ping, a property insurance and accident company from China with such a strong distribution in the country, that AXA became the largest insurance company operating there.

In 2013 AXA obtained a 50% stake in Tian Ping, a property insurance and accident company from China with strong distribution in the country. This is what makes AXA the largest insurance company operating there. At 2012. AXA signed a 10-year agreement with HSBC for their insurance business in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia.AXA truly became a leading brand in Hong Kong.

3. Prudential PLC

Prudential PLC is one of the international scale insurance companies that already have many branches spread throughout the world. By relying on thousands of trusted assets, Prudential is the choice of society, especially in the U.S.

The company that was founded a century ago is not a cheap company. At least, Prudential, which was established on May 30, 1848, seized 23,915 employees. Prudential is based in London, England with Cheick Thaim as its CEO. The location of their operations is in Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. There are several products that they offer, including asset management services, financial retail products to IN services in this region.

In various developing countries of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Prudential has become a champion and has gained much public sympathy because of the services and features offered.

4. American International Group

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP is usually short in AIG. This company is usually seen as a sponsor of world-famous clubs. Founded by Cornelius Vander Starr in 1919 based in New York. The company which has 65,000 employees has expanded its services in more than 130 countries with Peter Hancock as its manager.

AIG inc has procedures including pension products, life insurance, property accident insurance, mortgage insurance, and other financial related services. It is divided into two service sub-sectors, each of which has its own customers. AIG Life and Retirement is a field that focuses on life insurance and pension insurance services in America. The other one is AIG Property Casualty which focuses on property damage.

Those are some of the biggest insurance companies in the world, hopefully, you can increase your knowledge.

5. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is a very large health insurance company in the U.S. This Group based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, does not have many areas of service. However, UnitedHealth Group is a highly trusted and reliable insurance company for the community. This group ranked # 5 in the Fortune 500 ranking of the largest US companies in 2018 with the largest total revenue. Discussing the line of business undertaken, UnitedHealth Group offers health care products and insurance services. UnitedHealth Group is the largest health care company in the world with revenues of $ 226.2 billion in 2018. The subsidiaries of UnitedHealth Group together serve around 115 million people in 2016.

Starting in 2011 and continuing until 2012, This Company implemented a company reorganization. This coincided with adopting the pension brand following various acquisitions of previous years and adopting a united brand UnitedHealthcare. The company decided to refocus UK business solely on commissioning support under the name Optum and capitalized on the opportunities presented by the UK Government’s NHS reform in 2011. For this purpose, he sold six primary care clinics.

well, that was the most popular row of companies with the best service and very high income. Hopefully, the list and description can give you an idea and the choice to determine about choosing an insurance company to invest in the future. Hopefully, this article is great!

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