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When many people choose to break the traditional telephone network and choose a famous Smartphone with multiple functions. But the telephone service business for the desktop is still running. Phone service businesses remain alive and not so affected because this is for business needs.

Until now, landline offers the benefits of the highest quality voice connections, ease of use with dedicated telephone devices, and more affordable call costs than cellphones. Today, business home and business phones are increasingly aimed at digital services rather than the analog copper telephone lines. In its service, It’s utilizing the capacity of internet data through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Chose Business Phone Service

In choosing a telephone package for a business, you need initial planning and review that starts with the company’s needs. Consider the number of telephone lines needed for companies such as employees. It’s including special channels for old fax machines that still use cable networks. There are also factors in what additional services are needed, such as voicemail, integration with mobile devices, and any international calling needs.

After you select the needs that are really needed from a business phone service in your area, then you are ready to shop for a new small business telephone service. In making our choices here, we compare phones features, prices, user reviews and professionals to choose the best services around.

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There are at least 5 best business service phones that we can recommend for you after do some internet phone service reviews. The following companies are well-known and trusted by many entrepreneurs. Their amazing service is also juxtaposed with a cheap business telephone service. It is not impossible that you are also interested and want to choose one of these lists as a service home and business phones.

1. MiCloud Office

MiCloud aims to provide more than just a business telephone system. The company which is still under the auspices of Mitel is one of the telecommunications giants Voice over IP (VoIP). Not only offering a Business Service Phone, but MiCloud also provides solutions for integrated telecommunications that not only can take into account cellular work but also aim to take advantage of cellular opportunities. It offers a cloud-based telecommunications system, with many advantages. For your consideration, MiCloud can not only provide, record and store calls, but also e-mail, social messages, and other communication media.

The biggest benefit and benefit of this service is that the initial hardware expenses are greatly reduced. This is because you are more dependent on the internet phone service or cellular connection than having a network of cables each with their own business telephone system.

On the other hand, these services are updates and improvements that are indeed provided as standard. You don’t need to worry about buying a telecommunications system that might expire after several years if you use this system.

MiCloud has all the features you would expect from a standard business telephone system, not a few audio, video and conference calls, as well as voice messages and call routing. There is also plenty of space to organize different features for different people on your team, and collaboration and collaboration are at the heart of this system.

Prices are set by the Mitel Premium Partner, who can offer according to business needs, but expects to pay around $ 5 to $ 15 per user according to the service features required, above all hardware costs.

Among all that, there are several advantages MiCloud has in the Business Phone Service in My Area, including:

  • MiCloud is a trusted brand that has undoubtedly been served by the community. This means that this company works professionally in providing services in the phone field.
  • Has many advantages and services. As explained earlier, MiCloud has many features and advantages that can be considered for the needs of phone services.
  • Reduced hardware costs The services offered will reduce the costs incurred for hardware. How not, MiCloud provides services by relying on networks such as relying on the internet or cellular connections that it has.

2. Vonage Business

Vonage is an old player in the field of Phone Service Business. It’s Vonage is quite well known in the residential VoIP market, and Vonage Business offers a focus on commercial telephone services. In terms of service, Vonage covers several different levels such as serving companies, as well as the small business market.

Vonage Business seeks to use your current internet as a plug-and-play solution. This method does not require on-site installation, in fact, you will be offered a free trial for 14 days. This is a more premium service with more than 40 mobile phone features included, and claims the value of business reliability “99.999%.”

The price package depends on the number of users. For example, for 1 to 4 users, the lowest mobile package starts at $ 19.99 per user per month, which includes unlimited calls and SMS messages, and applications for desktop and cellular use. Premium features include call logs, administration portals, and virtual receptionists.

There is also a Premium package that costs $ 29.99 per user per month. In this package, there are video conferencing services and file sharing via Amazon Chime. Participants can also get integration services with popular Customer Relations Managers such as Salesforce, Office 365 and Zoho.

There are several advantages if you use Vonage to be your business service phone:

  • Over 40 premium features offered to you. This means more benefit that can use to business
  • Business-grade high reliability, Vonage has to get trust from people to handle their business service pone.

The only one makes you have to take care if you use a service from Vonage, which is cost. It sets a price that is quite realistic but will be more expensive depending on service.

3. Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a business version of a popular service for housing that is almost called ‘free’. Here, service plans require a one-time purchase of an Ooma Office base station for $ 199.99, and then unlimited calling to US and Canada starts at $ 19.99 per user per month, including bonus features such as virtual fax, a local or toll- free phone number, and a conference extension. More users can be added for $ 19.99 each.

In terms of service and features, in this service there are more than 35 features including 24/7 customer support, Hold on music, virtual receptionists, cellular applications, and a choice of modes to answer calls after hours.

Ooma Office is slightly hampered without lower-level plans for businesses that are cash-strapped, and there are no lower costs for economies of scale because additional users are added to the plan because each is charged at full price.

There are some advantages that must be considered in using the Ooma Office to become your business service phone, that is:

  • 24-hour service related to the use of services offered.
  • Virtual reception, which allows you to be served quickly to suit your needs.
  • Includes toll-free number for your business, this makes the services offered almost called free.

however, if you use this service without calculations or services used in excess of the specified limit, it will allow you to pay a more expensive cost.

4. 8×8 Virtual Office Desktop

8×8 Virtual Office Desktop is a cloud-based VoIP package that allows their work to be more distributed. Many basic features are available from this service company. Some support for click-to-call and mobile support, so users aren’t tied to a single location. There are also options for web conferencing and video meetings.

However, where 8×8 Virtual Office Desktop is really known is the number of features that are presented to customers. There are several packages available, but even the most basic ones offer extension calls, auto attendants, ring groups, internet call, and fax recordings. You can also use more sophisticated services such as integration with Zendesk, NetSuite, Salesforce, and a number of other CRM platforms. There are also other online toolkits from several giant companies such as Google and Microsoft.

Of course, there will be hardware expenditure for initial use. But this will be comparable to the many options offered in terms of desktop telephones, wireless telephones, and conference call units from Polycom as standard.

Even so, still, what you get will depend on what you need. There are three different service levels, namely: Virtual Office, Virtual Office Pro, and Virtual Office 8×8. The last two offer you the possibility to have an online meeting and, the highest one offers a virtual contact center. While prices are used to be advertised, today you must request a quote.

Some Advantage that must to you observed:

  • The lower tier has advanced features
  • Mobile apps available
  • Option for integrated Contact Center

But, any something that must look, that is No discount for additional users. It refers to you will have a higher cost and pay as a regular customer.

5. strives to become an affordable business VoIP service. This offers a basic plan with pay per minute that starts at $ 9.99 per month (if averaged to be paid every year). In lower class competition, this is the best in terms of cost. In its service, this package offers only 300 minutes of unlimited voice every month with 5,000 SMS. This is also only adequate for the most limited business use.

On the bright side, even in this empty package, there are premium features included, such as voicemail to email, call blocking, and call queues. It is also shown that this service complies with HIPAA to meet privacy standards for businesses related to health care.

Perhaps the more realistic option for most businesses is the Plus Package for $ 14.99 per month (if paid every year) which gives you 500 minutes and 10,000 trivial text messages. What’s disappointing, even the top Pro Plan (which is $ 29.99 per month for annual contracts) also limits your minutes to 1,000 per month and 20,000 SMS messages.

if summarized, then the things that you should consider are as follows:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Includes premium features
  • Limited minutes across all plans

Other business telephone services that need to be considered

If you are looking for a more traditional PBX telephone system or a VoIP telephone system, then you only need to read this update article carefully. For you to know, there are many different service providers out there. You can choose the best for you, depending on the needs and size of your own business. Although we have described the five best business phone service providers, there are a large number of alternatives. Here we will look faster at the other five that can be considered.

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This is one of the big names in integrated communication, and together with Mitel has established itself as a leading specialist player as a telecommunications business. Even so, it serves a variety of business sizes, from small to large companies. You do not think if a big name means the costs incurred will be too big. Cloud-based VoIP is a fixed offer from Avaya. This offer has many different options and features available for your business.


The RingCentral promotes itself as a complete solution for all sizes of business phone services. With an integrated communication strategy that means many integration options such as from Google to Microsoft, Oracle to Amazon, and Zendesk to Salesforce, you will be greatly helped. The price offered starts at $ 19.99 which is intended for up to 10 users. This service works with call management and telephone system administration, as well as telephone rental options for conference calls and even desks.


This is a cloud-based VoIP provider that offers a multi-faceted UCaaS platform and a number of good integrations. There are several features that deserve in FluentStream to be your reference in choosing the best telephone service. Even for the basic package (around $ 20 per month), you have got an increase in the level of service options to the contact center level. As expected, cellphone use is treated as standard and not an option, with applications available for Android and iOS.


DialPad is one of the business VoIP platforms that supports voice, video, messaging and meetings, and is primarily geared towards cellular use. It offers the potential for large profits by reducing the initial expenditure on hardware if employees can use their own cellphones or tablet devices. Different business sizes are met, integration is standard, and prices vary between $ 20- $ 35 per user according to the number of advanced features needed.


This may be a previously ignored option. However, now Skype has established itself as a leading VoIP provider even before being bought by Microsoft. Now it offers all the cloud and Office integration that you expect from a powerhouse holding company. As long as you enjoy keeping online calls and using your cellphone or tablet for calls and conferences, this can be the cheapest choice of all listed here.

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Well, that was a list of the best business phone services to date. You can make observations for the needs of the best services for your business. In addition, costs and considerations regarding the features offered must be balanced. Do not let you lose control and even buy a service that you have not really put up with. Business Phone Service is indeed a vital product to support our needs in business. This is what underlies this service to become a trend and consideration for many entrepreneurs. Finally, hope your business is successful and growing.

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