The 17 Most Profitable Small Businesses, Start Now


Tipswalet. The 17 Most Profitable Small Businesses Start Now – Small businesses benefit a lot and almost can’t count. However, not all will really make you able to become rich. At least one new small business pops up every day. This is because their awareness of seeing the American market is very potential for all types of business fields. Until now, America is known as a country that is strong in terms of the economy. This level of consumer supports everyone to open a small business that is profitable for themselves.

Every day, new companies open doors, provide jobs, and encourage the local economy, and help maintain the functions that are most needed in the country.

As said before, not all small business ideas are made the same. There are some businesses that are more likely to be superior than others. Even though you think you have a good business idea, your target market may not feel the same way. Here’s what you need to know about the most profitable small business exposure and opportunities available to you.

Overview of small business opportunities

By definition, a small business is a company that employs less than 500 people or is below the industry-specific annual acceptance limit. Although this makes small businesses look like a large group of organizations, it doesn’t. In fact, most small businesses have fewer employees than this. Most small businesses employ employees under 100 people. This makes the majority of small businesses appear smaller than they seem.

Government data says, in 2016, there were around 28.8 million small businesses operating in the United States. If accumulated, their number compared to big business is 99.7 percent of the U.S.’s total business. Overall, 56.8 million employees work for small businesses or 48 percent of the workforce.

From observations, this captured 1.1 million new jobs and greatly contributed to economic strength. The number of owners also increased over time, this figure grew 1.3 percent in 2014.

In the second quarter of 2014, 220,000 new small businesses entered the workforce. However, 205,000 will come out. Although this growth is interesting, it is important to note that not all small businesses will excel. They may not be able to compete in business either short term or long term. For those who are considering opening a small business, it is very important to note what industries have a high chance of success. Or, the business offers more room for innovation. In addition, in the small business, you also have to consider a dead end that is very detrimental later

15 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas

Small businesses have many different types, shapes, and sizes. Referring to reports from SageWorks in 2016, the following are some types of industries and business fields with the highest net profit margins. The percentage of profit remaining after removing the costs associated with the supply of goods and services from this business listing is very high. Although not an indicator of perfect profitability, these industries offer great potential for those who are looking for a stable and safe sector to launch new companies.

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You can also make this business a new small business idea for those of you who are interested in entrepreneurship. As is known, efforts to make you a boss for yourself. By opening a small business you can also get substantial profits for yourself. Immediately, look at some of the following most profitable small business ideas:

1. Business Accounting Services

As one of the fields that supports almost every type of individual and corporation in business, accounting services are in great demand. Clients are willing to pay dearly for accounting services to complete financial accounting. The field of business services, accounting services include business outsourcing, personal financial planning, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. For additional information, this field is very dynamic and offers significant potential. You don’t need to think about the initial cost to start. the capital advantage of this small business is that you simply have to be a good accounting professional, software and computer, and a minimal workforce, to help you solve a number of matters.

Possible net income for the Accounting Services Business

The average net income for accounting services companies reached 18.3 percent. It offers an environment with many opportunities to get many benefits. Because of universal needs, accounting services remain a consistently positive industry for business growth. However, the barriers to entry into accounting are quite high.

A successful accountant in any field of service often has a high level of education, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or a specialist in accounting. Those who have further expertise may have a CPA license or an Agent certification that Registers the IRS.

Even though it is very difficult to get this certification, professionals with additional qualifications of this kind can set higher rates and will then generate higher income.

2. Small Business Legal Services and Law Firm

The legal field is needed in many sectors such as legal services for personal and professional. This legal and law firm business provides support for individuals and corporations. Sooner or later, almost everyone will need a lawyer, because the law is not a field where amateurs can practice. As with any business in accounting services, legal services and law firms will be divided into several fields, including:

  • Criminal Law
  • Business law
  • Family rules
  • Trusteeship and plantation
  • Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Personal injury law
  • Employment law

Because of some similarities in terms of universal needs between accounting and law, it is not surprising that the average net profit margin for legal services and law firms in the small business sector reached 17.4 percent in 2016. However, like accounting, to enter the legal services business and this law firm is very high.

A lawyer must meet several very complex standards. They must complete a four-year degree program. proceed to law school, then pass the state attorney exam. In addition, some lawyers only practice in a narrow field, so companies with a lot of focus may need additional staff. This also causes businesses in the legal sector to require higher human resource costs.

3. Real Estate Sales and Rentals

The real estate market has grown significantly since 2008. This property business offers a large selection of affordable and luxury housing nationwide. This is especially true in the rental market because millennials don’t buy homes at the same price as the previous generation. Many consumers choose to rent and most of them are employees. If it compares with the times since 1965, the Real business and rental business shows a booming market without signs of slowing down.

Millennials may not be the same as the generation before them. If most people choose to own a house, millennials choose to hire because they are considered more efficient. If this continues, of course, the real estate and home rental business become very potent. Besides that, however they think, one day every human being must try to have a permanent residence and buy a house. Both of these conditions are of course beneficial for businesses in the real estate sector.

Estimated profitability of real estate and rental business

With an average net profit margin of 17.4 percent for leasing and 14.8 percent in sales, real estate has many products to offer. The capital that must be considered is about management, salespeople, brokers, and landlords must display a variety of skills. Whereas accounting, payroll, management, repairs, scheduling, marketing, and maintenance capabilities are all key elements in a successful real estate office. Unlike businesses in legal and accounting services, the real estate and rental business is very different.

You do not need to take a special path of education or degree and a vocational background to succeed in real estate. Overheads tend to be low too. For marketing and rental issues, you only need agents who can work almost anywhere.

4. Open an Outpatient Care Center

Business in this field of health has a myriad of uniqueness and advantages. Imagine, when someone is sick, they don’t care for the time to get their health back. More specifically for those who really need medical care when they don’t want to be hospitalized.

The contrasting advantages of this business are quite a lot. In opening an outpatient care center business, you do not need to provide many permanent shelters that require large fees. This business is enough with capital Doctors and nurses are licensed, trained, and professional as well as some things such as businesses that are open 24 hours for service, as well as permission to open a practice where patients can stay overnight and go home the next day. At this facility, patients receive treatment, both medical and surgical, and can return home the same day.

The obstacles that you will encounter in this business are also quite a lot. You can spend a considerable amount of money, considering that medical devices must be the best to use. However, the net margin of this business is also good. At least, the net profit rate that may be received is 15.9 percent, mostly due to the costs of procedures and medical expenses. The cost of simple outpatient care can reach $ 15,000 or more even after being deducted by the insurance company. This condition certainly provides a stable income stream into the type of business of the Outpatient Care Center.

5. Copywriting

Yes, copywriting is one small business with the highest profit in the next place. Even though you are nobody, if you master the technique of becoming a copywriter then you can make a lot of money.

Copywriting does not mean literally copying the writing. I know, you first heard this word immediately focused on the activity of copying the writing. Not.! Copywriting is a technique to produce writing that makes the reader give the response we want – this article is called copy. A copy is made so that the reader starts buying, registering, remembering, or doing other goals that you want from your writing.

Copywriting business actors are called copywriters. This Profession is proven to be able to make a lot of money by accepting jobs from online entrepreneurs, especially those who are involved in trading through social media, as well as websites.

Copywriting does not require formal education. Opening this business is quite easy, even for those who are not experienced in creating content though. Businesses in the field of copywriting services also do not need to invest in expensive commercial space. In fact, most copywriters work from home on a freelance basis and pay very little for office expenses.

You have to know, the demand for writers or copywriting with good abilities is very high. Marketing this service is also quite easy. If indeed you master the ‘marketing language’, you will easily get clients. However, writing is not always easy, and only those who have the right language talent will succeed in this very potential small business.

6. Dental Clinic / Dental Office

Anyone would agree if dental health has an effect on other body health as a whole. With the advice given by the dentist to check dental health twice a year, this business becomes very potential to achieve great profits. Even though indeed, not all Americans want to follow the advice of doctors to visit dental offices twice a year, but this business is, in fact, able to become one of the safe and productive fields of business in the health sector.

With an average net profit margin of 14.1 percent, the dental industry offers many opportunities for success for those who have experienced training and education for dental care.

Although indeed, just getting into dentistry can be very challenging. Imagine, a dentist must obtain a bachelor’s and doctoral degree in the field of dentistry. Education and training to become a dental specialist only require a minimum of two years of schooling. Not only that, the device for dental office is also known to be expensive. A special chair for checking teeth costs $ 3,000 or more. However, the cost of services to maintain the safety of teeth is also not cheap. with the cost of cleaning tartar averaging $ 288 and additional costs for fillings, x-rays, extractions, and root canals, the costs incurred for capital can return quickly.

7. Personal Training and Fitness Instructors

Having a muscular body with muscles that is proportional to the dream of most people today. to increase muscle mass, people also prefer to use their time by going to the gym. There, the practice of having an ideal body shape was forged.

However, it turns out that to get this ideal body is not easy. Not only do you have to practice regularly, but someone must be able to use every tool in the Gym correctly. Well, this is where the role of a personal fitness instructor is very necessary. On average those who really want to get the right muscle shape will use the services of a personal fitness instructor.

Personal fitness instructors are Profesional who provide direction for their clients in training their muscles by practicing using the tools in the gym correctly and precisely. It has been proven, those who use the services of an instructor get the shape of the dream muscle three times faster and better than those who practice carelessly.

The cost of using this instructor service itself is not a cheap thing. At the very least, someone had to spend up to hundreds of dollars during the agreed period of training.

8. Funeral Home

Maybe this moment of business sounds scary. But you will think differently if you have seen the potential owned by this funeral small business. Bayakan, anyone who lives will surely die. No matter the rich, artists, businessmen or state officials, they will experience the name of death, this is a very stable business opportunity and far from risk. This is where opportunities for success are created. You can open a funeral home and provide services to take care of funeral services. The types of services available for small businesses are quite diverse such as baths and cleaning, to funerals.

To open this business, you have to start deep about the science of mortuary. However, we still need at least a bachelor’s degree and capital for a substantial initial investment. Funeral home businesses require physical office locations and high inventory costs such as coffins and temporary storage rooms, as well as equipment to prepare the dead to be buried, cremation and burial.

However, you don’t need to worry. Given that this business condition tends to be stable, this business will quickly reduce your capital. If calculated, with an average service worth tens of thousands of dollars, and the coffin is priced as high as $ 10,000, the costs you incurred previously for inventory will quickly return.

9. Cleaning Service

Don’t look at one eye on this small business. You can be very rich because the cleaning service has little competition, but there is a lot of demand. Cleaning service providers, especially in offices and hotels, are potential land for small businesses with small risks and large profits.

Cleaning services offer important opportunities for residential and commercial property. This business is intended to help manage tasks that are not enjoyed by many people or do not have time to solve them. With an average rate of $ 18 to $ 35 per hour, janitors generate large revenues for simple services but are needed.

Because of the nature of the cleaning service, a physical office is not needed. The cost of the equipment issued is also low and can be billed back to the client. This small cleaning service business also has flexible operating hours. Enterprising entrepreneurs can see significant success in building small businesses in this industry. You also don’t need to worry about labor. This is because there is no special education or experience needed to work as a residential or commercial cleaner. Only good and honest individuals are needed so that the recruitment costs can be low and the wages given are often near the minimum.

10. Warehouse and Storage of goods

Do you think if storage facilities are very important everywhere and highly coveted in big cities, like New York or San Francisco? This business serves residential customers in a standalone storage format or companies that cannot afford to buy their own warehouse, or do not have enough space to store goods. This business land tends to be low on competitors so you can easily reach the market.

With an average net profit margin of 11.6 percent, warehouse and storage companies are able to turn building ownership into a profitable business. However, the initial cost of starting this business can be quite expensive. Even in rural areas, storage services are rarely found or warehouse rental at low prices. This is what makes this business very profitable because the initial investment costs can easily be offset by rental income.

In many cases, renting warehouse space can be very easy. Tenants only pay rent and are free to do anything with the available space. This business runs based on the time commitment specified in the lease.

In addition, warehouses may require skilled labor, such as forklift operators, but most, warehouse employees are owned by unskilled clients. This opens up new opportunities where you can offer the services of your employees to be employed.

11. Doctor’s Office

Doctors aim to serve people who need help. Yes, a doctor is really needed by people who experience bear health disorders, as well as small ones. A doctor can diagnose an illness, make a customized treatment plan, and, if necessary, recommend patients to the local hospital to deal with serious conditions.

While the climate of private practice has shifted over the past few decades, moving from traditional small offices to consortium models, medical offices can still provide profitable business opportunities.

The average net profit margin for medical practice is around 11.5 percent, which shows strong potential for interested entrepreneurs. While barriers to entry are very high – doctors must attend four years of undergraduate education, four years of medical school, a minimum of three years of residency, and pass all licensing exams – service fees can offset high labor costs. Reimbursement of insurance costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars for a simple procedure, offering significant income instead of the service requested.

12. Food Truck

Often seen as a new frontier in food services, food trucks make signs in almost every major metro area. It offers a convenient and inexpensive alternative to restaurants that generally exceed fast food and casual restaurants fast in terms of quality. Food trucks are a trend that shows no signs of dying. This business is a very minimal risk as long as the owner has quality and price that matches the tastes of their consumers.

This is very easy to do and does not require special inventory. If estimated, at least at present, there are more than 4,000 food trucks in operation, consisting of $ 1.2 billion in industry.

Starting a food truck is a relatively inexpensive business, with the lowest estimate of under $ 30,000. While a truck can be expensive, a complete food truck still requires far less capital – both at the beginning and throughout the operation – from the physical restaurant.

While traditional restaurants are trapped in bricks, food trucks can expand their reach and travel to various environments and events to get cult-like followers for their newest dessert-based empanada dish. Best of all, they can use modern Point of Sale (POS) technology such as the iPad cash register to increase sales and track customers.

Although no education is technically needed to start a food truck, successful companies are often run by trained chefs who can arrange and run the desired menu.

13. Landscape and Gardening

From golf courses to residential homes, gardeners play an important role in beautifying properties of all shapes and sizes. Offering services such as lawn mowing, fertilizer maintenance, planting and cultivating new growth, land workers can find jobs anywhere by providing services that are impossible for homeowners and business owners to do independently.

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The cost of starting a landscaping company is minimal; without the commercial space needed outside of storage and simple investment in landscape equipment, it is possible to go down from land worth $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. Considered to be largely unskilled labor, the cost of human capital often makes sense in this industry too.

A landscape may face problems in cold climates that experience heavy snowfall, and therefore do not need to cut grass, gardening, or lawn care throughout the winter. However, many businesses are actively offering piracy and salting when the weather changes, turning seasonal services into operations throughout the year.

14. Education outside of school

Education is a universal necessity by offering the skills and resources needed for children and adults. Regarded as an important part of self-improvement and legal requirements early in life, the education industry orders billions of dollars every year.

Outside school education is available in many forms and choices that can be chosen according to their individual needs. Some of them are specific field expertise courses, groups of pre-school children play, and child care. Some others are the main choices for those who want to develop their potential knowledge, namely:

  • College preparation program
  • Tutoring
  • Exam preparation service
  • Testing center

While all academic models have different structures and objectives, the industry average net profit margin is 10.5 percent which is respectable. This is largely due to the low requirements for an establishment in many additional services in the industry; tutoring companies and preparation exams, for example, do not always require physical location or large assets.

While hiring educators can mean working with those who have teaching and tertiary licenses, exam preparation tutors and employees are often new students or graduates, providing a collection of lower costs, effective labor.

15. Party services

Although the economic situation is difficult, in fact, parties are still often held by many people. Starting from a wedding, birthday, greeting and opening a new company will have a party. This is what makes the party service business become very potential and profitable, stable, and far from the risk of loss.

In addition, party service is a very flexible and versatile job. This line of business includes planning, catering, bartending, and serving requests and presentation of food and beverages for Tami.

Small industries in the field of services such as party services will provide income outside of what you imagine. You can use bills for food and beverages that have been consumed by invited guests. This allows for job opportunities at various events. In addition, some services offered by party companies, such as serving certain drinks or food services, require special licenses and certifications. making this a job that most hosts cannot do alone. Nevertheless, labor costs are often low, because bartending, serving, and organizing does not require formal education.

16. Computer service and hard-disc data backup

If you are a computer expert or at least understand computer components, then you can open a computer and laptop repair service. This is better if you have expertise in the field of software or backup-data, including being able to restore lost data or back up a damaged hard drive.

This business has indeed a high enough rival, but if you are truly an expert, you will easily get money. Consumer trust in you will add to your success. If it is averaged for only certain damage, the customer must spend $ 20- $ 80, then you can imagine the amount, right?

17. Home renovation services

This is the last Most Profitable Small Businesses that we can offer you. Becoming a contractor and carrying out renovations to residential and office houses will be very promising. In fact, this business can be very promising when there are low competition around the place where you are opening renovation services. You simply offer your services to Tetagga or some other person who is in need of help.

Professional personnel are the key. Even though you don’t have to go to high education, you can still succeed if your work results are satisfying. It is known from some information, if the average American spends $ 1,000 in a few months to renovate their home. This is certainly very encouraging, considering that large contractors will reject projects with not too large income.


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