Profile Of The Founder Of Twitter Jack Dorsey

116 views Profile Of The Founder Of Twitter Jack Dorsey. Twitter is currently one of the largest social media used by people in the world. Many people use Twitter to connect with each other. In fact, Twitter is said to be the favorite social media of famous people such as celebrities, politicians, and officials.
However, do you know who is the founder of Twitter and how does the history of social media with this little blue logo stand up? Many people still don’t know if there is a unique story behind the establishment of social media which is said to be able to compete with this Facebook. Well, what is the storyline? please refer to the following :

Jack Dorsey,  The Twitter Founder

Jack Dorsey was born on November 19, 1976, in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of 14, Jack had shown great interest in software development.

After he finished his studies at the University of Missouri, then Jack Dorsey moved to California. At that time the use of short and instant messages was very popular with many people, and the AOL instant messenger service was very widely used at the time.

Beginning of Twitter

Jack Dorsey was inspired to create something new where people can send short messages such as SMS (short message service) that can be sent via the internet. Jack continues to develop his idea by creating a website where people can share their status with their friends without having to write on a blog.

Then, Jack found the concept of a group-based SMS service developed by TXTMob and also the word “What Are You Doing?” Is the word that inspired Jack to be a trademark of every status message on Twitter. The message or status update sent to Twitter is called “tweet”.

The idea was welcomed by Evan Williams, an executive at the Google company. And Evan then provided funds to set up a company so that Jack Dorsey’s ideas could be realized. And in August 2010 was launched with the concept of micro-blog.

Reason Forms Twitter Logo

As a Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey gives a small blue bird logo on the homepage where this bird logo represents something small, funny, fun, and implies information for everyone. Most people would have thought that the Twitter logo was made by a designer logo with perfect graphics. It turned out that the logo was made by a designer at a cost of only USD 6 and even then without paying attribution. The Twitter party bought the logo on the iStockphoto site at a price of USD 15.

Because Twitter is created with the concept of microblogging, then each status update or message on Twitter is limited to 140 characters per post. If the activity of writing on a blog done by a blogger is called blogging, the activity on twitter also has its own term, tweeting.

In its development, this microblogging site experienced rapid growth. In 2009 – 3 years since it was founded – Twitter has become one of the most popular sites on the World. This was investigated by a web research institute Alexa ‘s Web Traffic Analysis. In the same year, the blog also included Twitter in 3 of the most widely used social networking sites. It based on calculations where they noted that there were 55 million internet users who visited Twitter every month.

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