Only $ 100, you can make millions of dollars with Selling Alibaba Item Around You

Tipswalet. Only $ 100, you can make millions of dollars with Selling Alibaba Item Around You – Starting a small business is now the dream of many people. Getting financial benefits with your own business is something that is very great now. Besides being a boss for yourself, you can also give work to others. Many fields of business that you can really pursue. However, not many areas of business can be managed by relying on a little capital, $ 100 for example.

However, starting a business with minimal capital is not a dream. Have you ever tried trading goods from China? Alibaba answer. Yes, you can get a lot of profit if you can manage your financial and business. Next, we will explain further, how you can get a lot of money just by using the capital of $ 100 just by trading goods. Immediately without further ado, you like this how to multiply your minimal capital in an instant, not gambling, not betting, not a hoax. Let’s start.

Get Millions of Dollars from trading Chinese items in your area

Some people think that if you want to trade you must have a large capital. This argument is a big mistake. The opinion that trading must have large capital will make you lag behind the others. Come on, times are progressing, the internet is everywhere and you only have to look for business opportunities.

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How To Get An Potential Item In Alibaba

Start by registering on Alibaba. One of the online stores of Amazon’s toughest competitor provides a lot of goods from China. With a capital of around $ 100, you can choose the items that are most in demand around you. For example, you can choose to have household items for resale with profits reaching twice even four times the capital price.

the first step, you have to find potential target items. Try classic items but have been moderated in the household, for example, the automatic broom. In the statement, choose the least purchase minimum and low price but good quality. Maybe at a glance, it appears that your capital will not be sufficient. Well, this is where your trading knowledge will be honed.


negotiate with suppliers, then make a deal.

you have to negotiate. Talk about the number of items you need and the comparison with the capital you currently have. Make an attractive appointment and agreement. The problem is that you will make a contract as a regular customer of the supplier on Alibaba. You will recommend the supplier to someone else or with an agreement that you think will be difficult to reject by the supplier.

This cooperation offer is very important as a first step. If not, then you like it or not you have to increase your capital as stated in the description.

Important Sales Marketing

It is stupid if you buy a sophisticated household appliance but you sell it on the roadside. Take advantage of communication and social media technology. Persuade a number of people you know to experiment with items that you will sell. Offer them a price that you have taken profit in addition to capital.

After getting a few targets who are satisfied with your service and items, make a testimonial then spread it on social media. Add shipping costs to interested consumers but have a short distance from your home. Never think of taking advantage of the shipping costs of these items because it will seriously hurt your customers.

If you can still reach it, it’s better to deliver the item yourself. This will be highly valued by consumers. They will feel very cared for. This will be an opportunity for you to sell other items to him.

For residential areas, starting with your home area, you can use leaflets that you can print with the printer. Share with your neighbors. This is intended for those who do not play social media to know your merchandise.

Payment for merchandise

You will be very troubled if you have to collect one by one for the payment of your goods sold. Take advantage of your account number. Include the payment account number to the consumer. Not only will you feel flexible, payments like this are also felt by consumers to really help them.

Storage and Service

The items you receive from an Alibaba supplier you can hold first. Don’t imagine a store with a festive storefront. You just need to use your home as a temporary storage warehouse. Believe me, if your marketing and sales strategies are correct, these items will not stay long in your home.

Providing good service is very important. You must maintain service to gain consumer trust. Think about it, how do online merchants dare to provide guarantees and even pay to consumers for damaged items? Consumer trust is the most important thing in the world of trading business on the internet, friend.

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Another thing that is not less important is the timeliness of sending goods that have been paid by consumers. No matter how you do it, you must immediately deliver goods that have been paid by consumers. It becomes a big mistake if you send the item past the day you promised. They can give bad statements on social media, especially in posts where you offer items. People will read it and boom, your business is finished.

Capital management and other item selection on Alibaba

Remember, never think for fun first when your item is sold out. This will make your business fall into bankruptcy. Use profits from sales to buy the same item or other items that have use value equivalent to that tool.

Re-contact the Alibaba supplier according to your agreement. Never break a promise with a supplier because it will only harm you. This world is very small, friend, once you break your promise, your bad name will arrive even in other countries in the business sphere.

additional capital from these benefits must make you have a variety of merchandise. This makes your name known to people as successful traders. In addition, adding these items will also make you have the opportunity to take greater advantage of the products on Alibaba.

Calculation of accumulated trading profits

It would be very unsatisfactory if you only talked tricks without any tempting numbers, right? Now let’s count by means of temporary counting, how much money and income you can get. If it matches the items illustrated above, without you being able to negotiate to reduce the purchase amount. Then it is estimated that your business struggle will get results as follows:

Capital: 198 Piece item (2018 New Automatic 360 Hand-push Spin Sweep Household Broom) X $3 ( estimated negotiation price deals )

Total Of Capital: $594 + Shipping Fee (not estimated because each place will get a different shipping fee.)

Your Own Selling Price: $594 + 70 %(this is just my estimated)= 1009,8 / 198 Piece item: $ 5.1 ( depending on if you want to increase profits)

I see on Amazon and e-Bay, now for one unit of similar items has a price of not less than $ 12. By offering the same item but at a cheaper price, you will get many benefits. This is a very good business opportunity, right? Hopefully the article content to become an Alibaba millionaire can be an option for those of you who are confused about finding a business that is suitable for a small capital. Even so, the success or failure of this business still depends on how you can run it. Good luck and good luck to you!

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