Note, This Is How To Choose The Right Insurance For Your Family


Tipswalet. Note, This Is How To Choose The Right Insurance For Your Family – Each family is definitely designing how to let their families can be protected. Particularly for workers who are not fixed. Assurance of the future of the badly needed. This is the cause why insurance is the first choice for the head of the family as a shield to protect the people they care about in the future.

Well, the problem is how to determine the right insurance.  Choose insurance to protect the family must be determined by several criteria, for a good plan. This is important considering your plan is in your hands right now. In addition, some untrusted insurance companies can make you difficult in the future.

How to Choose Right Insurance For Your Family, Don’t Take A Bad Choice!

To make the right choice about insurance, you must pay attention to several points. This list will definitely make you able to choose, which is the best for your family. In addition, the following lists will also give you enlightenment, about the world of insurance that really takes care of its customers. And then, let’s check about how to choose the right insurance for our family:

1. Choose an Official Insurance that already has a license

Insurance companies that have licenses can be chosen for several reasons. Today there are many cheap insurance companies that only want to take advantage of their prospective customers. Do you know that there are already many people who have suffered losses due to being the wrong customers of insurance companies? Yes, this is not a lie. There have been many people who cannot claim for reasons that do not make sense by the insurance company.

In addition, the License is a sign that the company has been approved by the state and has gained a lot of trust from its customers. A licensed insurance company is also known to be friendly and good at serving its customers. If you want to know how they get a license, you can see here:

Licenses received by insurance companies in the U.S most have passed various conditions. They also passed tests and requirements submitted by the state. This is what makes licensing the main capital to choose the right insurance.

2. Get to know your insurance capabilities and needs

Often you don’t know the exact needs of buying something. Buying insurance products is not the same as buying tangible products (can be seen, touched) for examples such as cars, houses, and others. Because insurance products are basically intangible (can’t be seen, touched), but the effect can be felt for life.

Therefore, early consideration is done carefully, because if you are not right in choosing the loss will be felt by yourself for life. Even so, you can stop at any time to close the insurance policy. But if this happens then the loss will await you.

When deciding to consider buying an insurance policy for a product from an insurance company, the first thing you do is determine your needs first, for example, as follows:

Rian has a family and has 2 children, he has a monthly net income of USD $ 600. Rian plans to buy insurance products to protect himself and his family. What products would be right for Rian and his family?

After the interview, he wanted: all family members when they died. Protection for his family when they were sick to be hospitalized and get protected when experiencing critical illness. Not only that, but Rian also wanted when they had an accident they also got protection. On the other hand, Rian wants premiums that are not lost and even the value continues to increase.

Seeing Rian’s needs, of course only with insurance products that can handle all those needs. But when he saw his income was only $ 600 per month, the important question that arises is how much money can be provided to pay premiums per month, after all the daily needs are met? okay at this point, just assume Rian wants to save $ 100 per month.

The type of insurance needed by prospective customers

You need to know that life insurance contains basic insurance elements, namely death insurance and permanent disability insurance. So that all life insurance products can certainly have this clause (better known as the sum insured). It is certain that the other protection is only as additional insurance.

The essence of basic insurance and additional insurance has costs that must be paid within a predetermined period of time. Usually, this fee will be deducted from the premium paid. This means that if we look at the problems faced by Rian above who want the cash value of the premium does not decrease, it means that there is an aspect of investment/savings from the desired insurance. So he had to sacrifice some of his desire to get all the protection.

If Rian wants all members of his family to be protected, then it can be ascertained that the monthly insurance costs will be higher and means that it will reduce the cash value obtained because the planned premium is only $ 100. Different if the premium deposited is $ 1,000, then you can be sure all the desired protection can be obtained.

With the cash value decreasing due to the extra burden of additional insurance costs, it is feared that funds will not be sufficient until the specified time limit. It can even suffer a loss twice, the cash value is stopped protecting it.

If Rian wants the cash value of insurance to be more than protection then a good alternative way is to get rid of some additional protection, choose the right one, not include the entire family member in the insurance program but choose the one who really needs to be insured. So that later the investment that has been made will be felt optimally.

3. Learn about insurance companies that offer Products

You don’t need to be rushed and confused when buying insurance products, but also not too long, because insurance protection is very necessary in this unpredictable world, you don’t know when you are sick or have an accident or even worse die. To determine the credibility of a company is not an easy matter, but the things below are worthy of attention.

The age of the company greatly determines the credibility of a company because it proves the existence of a company that continues to run in the face of various economic difficulties from time to time. It’s just that often the age of the company is not directly proportional to service and product quality, because there are some that are old but are tied to the old management model so that eventually it does not develop, but at least this is the first thing you need to question.

Awards obtained, the credibility of a company is also supported by the company’s ability to obtain awards. The involvement of insurance companies in the competition is very important because of the insurance business based services. So the commitment to serve customers well is proof of the company’s sincerity in maintaining customer trust. Read Also : Best Small Business Opportunites in 2019, Lets Start

Capital, there are many opinions that non-local insurance is stronger compared to local insurance. This assumption is indeed not wrong but not right. Indeed, in reality, there is local insurance that goes bankrupt because of capital that is not strong and only as a conglomerate of existing companies. But if we see not a few also local insurance companies that survive for a long period of time, even at any time can continue to exist.

3. Look for Comparisons of Other Insurance

For this last method, you usually volunteer to go to an insurance agent. It’s not something funny you have to pay more expensive insurance for the same service, right? Comparing the product is the right of the consumer. You take insurance to get a profit, not get hurt. So to get the best insurance product from the existing one you have to do it. No need to rush, ask some insurance companies to make illustrations and start studying the insurance product. Of course, the comparison made is inseparable from the knowledge of the previous tips so that when getting the most appropriate insurance product it is the result of careful consideration.

4. Look and Consider Well

Some people are lazy to do this because they feel satisfied with the offer given by the insurance agent. WATCH OUT! This is where mistakes from many people occur. Understand the requirements, especially for special services. By carefully studying a number of things that you must consider before choosing an insurance product that will be used. This will help you choose the right insurance product and according to your needs.

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