How to Successfully Reach Millions of Dollars in Upwork

73 views How to Successfully Reach Millions of Dollars in Upwork –  Being a freelancer is currently the best choice for those who are looking for real work. In addition, a freelance is also an option for those who want extra income for their bags, especially online. One of the services of an online freelance job provider that is currently trusted is Upwork.

This has become a desirable job for those who also like flexible and free work. In addition to promising jobs with substantial income, Upwork also maintains privacy freelancers from their clients. To find out more about, see the following interesting reviews from

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a website that accommodates millions of freelancers and job owners who need their expertise. From information obtained from the site, it is known that the beginning of a history of this website was more than a decade ago when Silicon Valley startup technology leaders realized that their close friends in Athens would be perfect for web projects. The team agreed that he was the best choice, but worried about working with someone in the world.

In response, the two friends created a new web-based platform that brought visibility and trust to remote work. It was so successful the two realized other businesses would also benefit from reliable access to a larger pool of quality talent, while workers would enjoy freedom and flexibility to find jobs online. Together they decided to start a company that would deliver on the promise of this technology.

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Fast develop until today, that technology is the foundation of Upwork — the largest global freelancing website. With millions of jobs posted on Upwork annually, freelancers are earning money by providing companies with over 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of work.

Career opportunities freely and flexible

Through Upwork, more and more business is done, connected with freelancers to work on projects ranging from mobile web development and applications to SEO, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, admin assistance, and thousands of other projects. Upwork makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective for finding, renting, working together and paying the best professionals anywhere, anytime.

the business with a vision of “To connect businesses with great talent to work without limits” and the mission “To create economic opportunities so people have better lives.” Upwork continues to grow and becomes the mainstay of freelancers with great skills

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How to make money and reach millions of dollars with Upwork

How to make money with Upwork and reach millions of dollars
Your potential is what other people need. This word is very appropriate for those of you who have the potential and want to work freely. Upwork guarantees that the payment you receive will be in accordance with what you are doing. To improve millions of dollars in upwork by becoming freelancers, you can do a number of things, including:

1. Create an account at Upwork
2. Fill in the form provided including personal data, expertise, education, etc.
3. Determine the payment you want.
4. Submit a proposal that you made.
5. work on the tasks that you take.

You can choose to display the abilities and fields that you master in your profile. This will be a consideration for the upwork team to review how appropriate you can be accepted as a partner. You can choose the field you want to sort out which jobs are worthy of high pay.

1. How to Register and Create an Account at Upwork

To create an account and register is actually quite easy. You only have to fill in the forms provided correctly. besides, you also have to choose the type of work and the skills that you master. Here are the steps:

  1. First, open the Upwork website at Select the “SIGN UP” menu on the top right side next to “POST JOB”.
  2. Fill in your first name and last name in the column. Then, fill in the email column with the active email you are using. If you use e-mail from a free e-mail account provider, a warning will usually appear to use private e-mail with another domain. But this is not a problem, just click “GET STARTED”.
  3. Upwork will send a link to the Email that you used to register. Open your email to verify the account you created.
  4. You will be taken to the page to fill in the profile. Choose the skills you master and the field of work you want
  5. You will also be guided to fill in the address, as well as the education that you have lived throughout your life until now. This is important for review by the upwork team.
  6. After making sure all data is filled correctly, you can submit to the proposal you made just now. Tip Upwork will review the overall feasibility of approximately 24 hours.

After you have done the above steps, then you are just waiting for confirmation from Upwork whether your proposal is accepted or not.

How to Success Make a lot of money on upwork

The way to get a lot of money working in upwork is very xylophone. However, the main key is that you must be trustworthy and work seriously. If you have excellent skills in the field of work you choose it will be easier. However, there are some suggestions that you can really get millions of dollars from Upwork:

  • Because you are a newcomer to the world of digital freelancers, you must show your dedication first. Start by working on several small projects that adjust to your payment. Do the job on time as you promised the client. Never argue with clients, just do what is asked. This will give good testimonials for you. Never be lazy. Do every job well. Believe it or not, your satisfied clients will give positive comments on your profile.
  • Little by little working on a rather large project. This will increase client trust. more days, you can work on projects that are challenging and good. Don’t hesitate to ask about the rules you must follow. Usually, the rules also exist in the assignments you receive later.
  • If you have enough history and comments to you from average clients are satisfying, then this is great! Start raising your rates per hour. This will be considered reasonable and people who have used your services will understand it. Your skills are still used by them even though your current fees are high.

How to Confirm That Your Job was Completed in Upwork

Upwork has its own work system that is fairly modern and sophisticated. If the request for a job offer is successfully received, there will automatically be a notification if your request is received at the job. If the work is completed. Clients who will terminate the work contract and automatically work bills from us will be billed to the client.

How to withdraw money from Upwork

You are a freelancer, right? of course, you expect income from your work. Well, this is easy for upwork. To receive poor results from work, you don’t have to bother.

1. The payment you receive from your work on upwork will go to your account balance. This happens if your work is done completely. Automatically, payment for your hard work will enter your account balance.

2. Once the money has entered the Upwork balance, then we only need to withdraw it to the bank account that we have. While looking for work / entering a proposal (bid) in other job offers on the work. it’s good to take care of the verification process at Upwork. Whether it’s self-verification or payment verification. The disbursement process depends on a working day and depends on the bank you trust. Usually 1-2 days of service.

Never Disappoint Employers (clients)

The most important point in Upwork or in the world of freelancers, don’t ever give bad work results. If not, never offer a job offer proposal at all. Give the results of work on time with good results and we definitely receive payment. The payment process at Upwork doesn’t really matter, only the difficult one gives ‘satisfaction’ to the client.

The bidding process for bidding is overwhelming and ‘crazy’. Whether it’s from freelancers from the United States alone or from freelancers all over the world at Upwork. When in a work contract, try to always reply to emails as soon as possible. Avoid replying to letters for more than 24 hours. Ask for 5-star positive testimonials if the work is good and the employer is satisfied.


Well, that was some advice that can be given so that you can succeed in Upwork. Continue to empower your skills and earn lots of money for a better life. Money is not brought to death, but there is no money, it feels like to die, right?

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