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Tipswalet- How to make SEO Articles In 2019 and page one on Google Search– SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a word commonly used in the world of Blogger. Not a few blog owners are competing to write SEO standards to compete on Google search pages. The techniques and language used are very influential factors so that the search engine can read the correct writing structure.

We will not use difficult language about SEO because I actually don’t really understand what SEO is. If you use the WordPress (WP) platform there are already facilities to detect our article is correct or not, Yoast SEO plugin for example. Different if you use Blogger you have to manually.

In order to be able to write the correct SEO standard articles, we need a lot of knowledge. Including what content we will write later. The way is by reading or executing yourself in order to gain experience on the problems we will discuss. In this way, we can be sure we can write smoothly without having to copy and paste other people’s articles.

Although SEO is not an exact science like mathematics, several ways have proven successful. To discuss it further, then you can refer to the following detailed reviews. The following discussion can be practiced in writing that you will later create on your blog.

Selection of the Right Title

Keywords in the title really determine the number of visitors who will come to our Blog. If it is wrong to determine it is as good and complete as anything we write is difficult to find by the seeker. Make a title by doing research first.

Put the main keywords in front like one example of “How to make a Blog using an Android cellphone”. How to make a Blog is the main keyword and Using an Android Phone is an additional sentence that can help SEO value in the article title. That way the article that we make has the right target.

Create Article Framework

After getting the right Title, the next step is to create an Article Framework first. In this way, it is easier for us to arrange each paragraph with structured sentences. The method is quite easy by making the arrangement we will write. Starting from Understanding, Initial Stage, Initial Story, Fill in the problem and finally for the Conclusion.

Make a neat skeleton like “Table of contents” on a Book. There we can find with the framework “Introduction, Problems faced Solutions to Problems and Conclusions or Closing. Never write sentences that do not fit the framework of the article because later it will confuse the reader even Google is also difficult to read the structure of the text.

Arrange Paragraph for each sentence

Make sentences in each paragraph that are organized and organized. You can write it by looking at the subhead of each paragraph. Don’t write sentences with words above 20 words so that the Google search engine can read the sentence structure. The preparation of paragraphs is not too long or too short to make it more readable.

Never escape from the context of the discussion such as entering sentences that do not match the article. Make each sentence with a series of words as detailed as possible even if you need to multiply the vocabulary associated with the article. Before publishing articles, please read and fix non-standard sentences.

Create the appropriate Internal Link

The target is to keep visitors on our blog by reading other articles. But if this technique is done in the wrong way, it is certain that Internal Link cannot work properly. Make Internal Links in the contents of articles about 3 to 5 that go to the appropriate article.

If the article discusses how to create a blog, then make sure the Internal Link that we install is also about the Blog. If the difference will be bad, even the article SEO level can be reduced. Google will find it difficult to read the structure in the article because the sentence in the discussion is too many and different.

Word length in One Article

Although there really isn’t a limit to how many words in a Blog article are SEO, you have to pay attention to your competition. Some blogs with article lengths of only 300 words can also be on Google Page One if they have good article quality. Google likes structured articles and no sentences are repeated several times. Even Google can read if there are several paragraphs that are double.

My advice is to make an article at least 450 – 500 words and if it’s longer it’s better. With complete articles, you can certainly compete on the Google page easily.

Create Original Article

Some people make arcs by doing other people’s Rewrites. This is indeed not a mistake. But it would be better if you made your own original. But avoid copying / pasting articles, this method is very bad even not just dropping your own blog but it can also make you a lazy person. Stop doing this and start with something new by writing your own thoughts.

The choice of the language style that we write on the writing content is certainly different from the writings of others. Without having to check the article Plagiarism or not, you can be sure to directly publish. The more ORI writing, Google will be faster to read even if it is trusted to be able to compete with Google quickly.

Submit articles to Google Search Console

The last thing to do is submit your article on google webmaster tools or now on the google search console. This is done so that Google prioritizes your blog to be crawled by Googlebot. In addition, Submit also your articles in several other webmaster tools such as Bing, and Baidu and Yandex. This allows you to get other visitors besides Google.

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