How to make money from design hobbies, very easy


Making money by being a designer has long been known by the public. However, this usually only applies to the world of work that concerns fashion or architecture and works with famous people in real life. However, when technology is developing now, those of you who have hobbies of making designs and images can make a lot of money.

With a hobby of drawing or designing for a number of things that really require precision and the ‘unique’ nature of designers today is very necessary. What’s more, the ease of accessing the internet is one of the tools why the job of becoming a designer is very potential. You can sell the results when the design that you have made without being difficult. Without further ado, here are some tips for making money from a design hobby on the internet.

Is it true that only Design Hobbies Can Make Lots of Money?

Maybe not many believe if only with a hobby of making designs can make a lot of money. However, people who have long struggled in the internet world and a lot of knowledge will say this is very reasonable. Not only in America where creative people with brilliant ideas are located, in Asian countries like Indonesia, but many have also proven it.

One of the most famous stories to date is Albert Leonardo. Ever heard of the success story of Albert Leonardo who earned billions of rupiah in a matter of months just from selling t-shirt designs? Yes, Albert Leonardo who was originally a teacher of physics and mathematics had a design idea by taking the theme The Pi Day.

Unexpectedly, the designs he sold online were so attractive to overseas markets. As a result, from the theme of The Pi Day, he earned a turnover of around USD $ 200,000. Fantastic number, right? This was done by Leonardo in just a few months.

After knowing this, of course, making money on the internet only with a design hobby makes sense, right? However, you are also sure to sponsor, how? well, follow the following article.

How to make a lot of money from a design hobby

Design hobbies are fun. This will turn out to be profitable because doing a design turns out to be paid handsomely. There are many stories of people who become millionaires because of their hobbies in doing this. If in the past a design can only be done based on a face-to-face order with customers, it is currently not. You can easily get money just by designing and making transactions on the internet.

Well, for those who are curious, how do you get a lot of money through the internet with just a design hobby? Here we inform you 5 ways to make money through a design hobby on the internet. Come see:

1. Become a Freelancer for Logo Design

Do you have the expertise to use applications such as Photoshop, Coraldraw, or the like? If so, then you are very lucky. This is because you can make a lot of money by becoming a freelancer to make a design or logo. Register yourself on a website that specifically provides freelancers and starts making money by working on requests from clients.

The price range offered from making a design or logo is varied and on average has a high fee. At least for a unique logo complete with philosophy and the meaning of the symbol can produce $ 150 – $ 400. A decent number, right? This is because it is usually on the workforce site, the wages are calculated based on working hours.

To become a freelancer, you can register on several freelance provider sites that we have previously published in the article: How to Successfully Reach Millions of Dollars in Upwork

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2. Make a design for sale on the internet

If you are lazy to work under the pressure of others and target such as becoming a freelancer, you can get money in other ways. With hobbies to make a design, you can sell it personally. You just need to create a website where the website contains your actual work designs.

You just have to say the price you offer in the attachment of the sample design picture that you made. To add visitors, you can do promotions about your artwork in the field of role-playing on social media. You can also join Facebook groups that have the same theme as your hobby. Make an introduction to your work there. If your website visitors are crowded, you can even earn more by monetizing your website. Recommended to read: What Is Google AdSense And How To Register It

But remember, your work must be your own original. Don’t forget to install an anti-download image plugin so that your work is not hijacked by other people carelessly.

3. Make lots of dollars by selling your design to the design buyer site

Making money by being a designer doesn’t have to be a freelancer or create a blog and sell your own work. You can also sell your design to sites that usually buy images or logo designs. Whatever it is, your unique and attractive design will be valued at a reasonable price.

Start registering on sites that buy designs or logos and images made by you. Create attractive designs according to the theme you like. You will make enough money even to buy an apartment.

4. Create unique designs specifically for clothing

The next way is suggested to make money from making this design quite complex. This will combine your ability to design by analyzing interests and trends that are happening in the community. The way is to make a unique design, then you apply it to the shirt.

Although it’s a bit complicated, don’t underestimate this method. Selling t-shirts with your own design like this will be able to become one of the profitable small businesses and tend to be stable. Different from how to make money beforehand. Making t-shirts with unique and special designs from you will have enormous potential. This is because your product is not on the market, or even ‘limited edition’.

5. Open Small Business Design Services Online

The last way to make money through design hobbies is to open a small business design. This is a potential small business. You don’t have to open an office, but it’s enough to promote your work on social media along with business legality. For business legality, you can arrange permission to the community service center in the government.

Advertise your products on social media, but we recommend Instagram or Facebook more because there are many potential users of social media. Include info and contacts and a clear address that they can go to. Also, include payment methods and for the services you provide.

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Well, those are some suggestions and recommendations that we can make to make money with your design hobby. These methods have been tested and many people have succeeded. Hopefully, you can also succeed like them, huh.


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