How to Choose Computer Specifications for Graphic Design


Tipswalet. How to Choose Computer Specifications for Graphic Design-If you are a person who works in the field of graphic design, of course, computers become the main capital. You must know too if to expedite your work, then you must choose a computer in high specifications so that the performance becomes good.

In other words, if you use standard quality computer specifications when using a graphic design application, whether it’s Photoshop or Corel Draw, your computer must be heavy.

Another problem is that maybe your computer will be very uncomfortable when used to open one or two windows. In fact, sometimes to design a basic graphic, the computer will experience problems.

Well if you want to design with a professional graphic design and open a lot of work windows, a device with sufficient specifications must be available.

Here’s how to choose computer specifications for graphic design

Must have CPU 4 Core / Threads or above

Actually to do graphic design a computer must have a CPU or processor that is more than 4 cores. This is an effort so that when designing there are no obstacles such as delay, and crashes. The more number of nuclei, the more and more easy.

1TB Capacity Media Storage

In the field of graphic design, it is necessary to have a large size of storage media. At a minimum, for graphic design, it is necessary to have storage media inside the computer that has a capacity of 1TB These requirements include the need for any storage. The greater the computer storage space can make computers increase.

The computer already has a 64bit operating system

Should it use the 64bit operating system? Editing the most modern software is intended for computers with Windows platforms. Seeing this you have to install an operating system that is compatible with Windows 8.1 64bit.

Minimum RAM memory of 16GB capacity

One of the most important roles in computer design for design is RAM memory. Standard RAM memory used has a minimum capacity of 16GB. A 16GB RAM feels more than enough to meet design requirements. Up to 8GB RAM.

Computer graphic design specifications must be adjusted for smooth working. If the work is smooth then the design improvement process will be even faster. Have you specified a computer that matches the above specifications? Determine now by looking at the appropriate specifications you will no longer compile you buying a computer.

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