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Tipswalet. Google Founder and Founding HistoryTalk about the internet, our minds must be fixed on a highly sophisticated search engine. Yes, that is Google. Giant companies that master the application of technology, especially in the field of the internet, are still unmatched in the world. However, do you know who is the founder of Google and how is it history?

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The founding story of Google itself is unique and interesting to listen to. From various sources, here is the story of Google Founder and Founding History of the establishment of this giant internet company.

Google Founder

Lawrence Edward “Larry” Page, born in Lansing, Michigan, USA on March 26, 1973. Larry Page and his best friend Sergey Brin are founders of the internet search engine Larry’s current position is as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and president products on Google, Inc.

Since childhood, Larry Page has inherited intelligence from his parents who wrestled the world of programming and computers. His father Carl Page was a professor in computer science, while his mother Gloria Page was a professor of programming at the University of Michigan.

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Larry Page graduated from East Lansing High School secondary school in 1991 and then continued his studies at the University of Michigan. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from his University and also obtained a master’s degree from Stanford University.

Google’s Founding History

When Larry became a student in the computer science Ph.D. program at Stanford University, Page met his friend Sergey Brin. At that time they both had an interest in search engines. The two friends then launched a paper entitled The Anatomy of A Large Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine which then greatly influenced their careers.

The two friends did the research they called “Backup” and used mathematics on the internet. They create and develop page rank algorithms where they use web crawlers to determine the level of popularity and importance of a website page. Then in August 1996, they introduced an initial version of made and provided on the Stanford University website.

How Can Google Grow Rapidly?

The development of Google that is progressing makes these two friends have to move their servers. The location of servers that were previously on campus could not cover developments and had to be transferred to another server. They used a garage owned by one of their friends in California. Larry Page and Sergay Brin see that the need for search engines will increase in the future. This is what makes these two friends work on their projects very seriously, which ultimately makes them unable to complete the Ph.D. program they are taking.

From a garage, Google rented a building in Menlo Park, California. The building is used as an office for operations. Unexpectedly, the development of Google is getting better and moving them to have a bigger server. Then in 1999, they moved their rent to a building in Mountain View, California. The location of this server still survives even though Google has become the “ruler” in the internet world.

The hard work of these two friends produces a lot of quality products that can be enjoyed by everyone in the world. Some Google products are, Gmail, Google Map, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Glass, and others.

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