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Tipswalet. Don’t Miss It, It’s How To Choose A Good Domain – The domain is not a new term for internet marketers or adsense publishers. A domain is a website address that is configured with letters to be easily searched or accessed, so we don’t need to remember the address where the website is stored. However, it turns out that to choose this domain name is not arbitrary, you know. Choosing a domain name is not as easy as people imagine so that it can be done carelessly.

For internet marketers, domains become ‘lives’ for their websites. This is because, if their domain name is seen as bad by Google or another search engine, then they have finished working hard. For newly created websites, choosing a domain becomes the initial stage and has a big influence on SERP Google.

What is meant by Domain

In theory, the domain becomes the main name to go to a website without having to type the IP address where the web file is stored. Quoted from Wikipedia, “Domain is a unique name given to identify the name of a computer server such as a web server or e-mail server on a computer or internet network. The Domain function is to make it easier for users on the internet when accessing the server, but it is also used to remember the name of the server visited without having to know the complicated row of numbers known as the IP address “.

This means the existence of a domain makes it easy for internet users to access a website. Can you imagine if this domain doesn’t exist? You have to type a very long URL along with the IP address and other code in the address bar. Very troublesome, huh.

The shorter and familiar domain names that are owned by a website, the easier it is to be remembered or searched for by search engines in the browser. This is why, to decide on the right domain name, accuracy is needed. However, what are the ways to choose the right domain name? We will discuss it in full in the following article.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

How to choose a domain name that is absolute to follow. This is to get a good performance from our website. At the same time, this can have a good effect on website SEO later. Summarized from various sources and personal experiences, here are steps or easy ways to choose a good domain name:

1. Choose words that match your niche or business name

How to choose the first domain, by using a name that fits your business or niche website. By using a name that will become branded, the website will be easily recognized by the Google algorithm. In addition, the appropriate domain name can affect keywords related to the niche or theme of your blog.

If you create a website/blog for promotional purposes or sell products/services – for example selling perfume products – it will be better if you choose a domain name that is related to perfume. For example, for example, creating a website/blog for promotion or selling original perfumes, then you should choose a domain:,,

We recommend that you do keyword research first before choosing a domain name so that your domain contains your business keywords. Also, make sure that the domain name searched through keyword research has quite a lot of searches on the search engines. Besides that, pay attention to the keyword competition, making sure it’s not too difficult or low competition. Use the help of Google Ads: Google Keyword Planner to help you find the right keywords for your domain name.

2. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember

Choosing a domain name is not like giving someone a title where the longer the better. The opposite of giving a title, buying a domain with a short word, easy to understand and easy to remember will be very efficient. One example is when sharing articles or sharing the latest promos on social media. People who at a glance see the promo will easily remember the name of your website. it makes it easy to come back to your website again someday.

3. Using Top Level Domain (TLD)

You should use TLD (Top Level Domain) with dot com extension for your domain name. TLD .com is the domain of the most easily remembered people. For example, when there is a domain with the same word – for example, the original perfume – usually people will try to open a site with a dot com first. To check the availability of domain names, you can use the help of this site, or on

4. Don’t use a bad domain name

Never use domain names that smell SARA or contain immoral elements. This is because it will have a negative impact on your site and of course your own image. Search engines like Google are usually keyword oriented, if your domain contains SARA-smelling words, this can cause your site to be blacklisted by search engines, which will ultimately affect the number of visitors to your site.

5. Avoid adding characters to the domain

If possible, avoid adding unnecessary words or characters to your domain. For example the use of minus signs, numbers, or additional letters – this can affect the strength of a site’s SEO. But if you really have to be forced to add characters to the domain, then you should use a minus sign (-).

6. Don’t Use Trademarks or other people’s brands

Don’t buy a domain name that is already a trademark, for example,, then you try to buy a similar domain name. Never think of buying a domain that is similar to that domain because you will most likely be sued by a trademark owner company.

7. Buy Domains from a Trusted Registrar

Buy domains only from trusted registrars at affordable prices. If possible, find information on domain providers
is giving a promo. The one I recommend is Godaddy. Here you can buy cheap domain names and even enjoy many discounts.

Registrar a domain provider or a trusted cheap domain register

In buying a domain, you must really choose a provider or domain registrar that is already professional. Well, here we present a list of some professional domain providers and trusted by many people. In addition to working professionally, the following names provide low prices. Not only that, usually, there are often promos until you can benefit greatly.

#1 – 25% off Exclusive Offer
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#3 Hostgator
#4 Namecheap
#5 Hover

Well, that was the way to choose a good domain name and can simplify and increase your rating on the SERP google. Hope it can help.

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