Best Small Business Opportunites in 2019, Lets Start


Tipswalet. Best Small Business Opportunities in 2019, Lets Start –  we have made a list of the best small businesses opportunities for 2019. Whatever the following business, you will be impressed and maybe you have not imagined before. This business listing will also describe how to make the business you choose from this draft work successfully.

We peel carefully and clearly business opportunities in 2019. This is so that you do not regret in the future for taking the wrong step in the business. Besides that, the list of businesses is made because it has several conveniences including:

  1. Has the potential to become a profitable business now and for many years in the future.
  2. Become a business that can survive even though economic times are difficult or critical.
  3. The types of businesses described do not require a bachelor’s degree or years of experience. However, some require trade school training, bachelor’s degrees or previous internships, while others only need some prior experience and enthusiasm for success and hard work.
  4. Does not require a large amount of startup capital, but only what is needed by every startup business: dedication, hard work, perseverance, and the desire to succeed.

Most of the following opportunities can be operated as a home based business and do not require large areas.

Is your goal of being a very rich person? if so, you better read other articles on this blog. This is because you probably won’t get there because of being a small business owner. However, you will have the opportunity to generate healthy income, become your own boss and make all decisions. You have the potential to have a more flexible lifestyle. Building things from the ground up can make starting a business itself very useful.

Immediately we discuss, what kind of business we offer you can do. Here are our choices for the best small business ideas based on current trends in business and demographics, in no particular order.

Business Idea With little Learn Or Experience

1. Skilled Trade

It is unfortunate that at present there are some people who have thoughts about their careers, partly because the trust that trades has a potential that is not good and bad pay. But the conditions in the field are not so. Many trained traders pay well and enjoy satisfying careers.

An estimated 40% of traders will now get an award next, making huge demand for talented workers in trade such as:

  • Welding
  • Woodwork and general construction
  • Pipes, piping and steam fittings
  • Masonry
  • Electric and electronic control system
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)
  • Machinists and Metal Workers
  • Steel workmanship

The nature of the trade that promotes makes it ideal for entrepreneurs:

High salaries and strong demand for successful traders in most locations
Most trade can be done as a home-based business as a customer’s work site
Compared to many businesses, initial capital costs are relatively low for most approved trades, and most cannot be automated at any level, ensuring future job security
Ability to move to other jurisdictions where demand is stronger. Many esteemed traders take advantage of the location being moved to get much higher rewards.
Why not take advantage of requests and consider one trade to rely on your next business?

2. Software Engineering and Development

This is a business field that combines education and experience. Software engineers and developers create, test and maintain software on a variety of platforms, from mainframes to mobile devices. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is expected to increase by 17% every year until 2023, and the average wage in 2017 is a little over $ 100,000 per year. Seeing this condition, of course, makes it a good business opportunity for those who have skills.

The software development industry has the ideal potential for contract work. Many software engineers began as salaried employees and eventually became self-employed contractors. They took light jobs but paid a fair amount. Cloud computing and easy remote access make software development an ideal home-based business.

Among other high demand, paid opportunities in the Information Technology sector include:

  • System analyst
  • Hardware/software technician
  • Network engineer
  • Security specialist

Have other computer skills on Android? then you can make some lightweight applications that are important for clients. A personal assistant is online and automatic for example. This business opportunity is very profitable and potentially raises your name later.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality computing (VR) is a big leap in immersing users in realistic sensory experiences. Hardware and software vendors are working hard to bring new VR products to the market and the industry is growing according to statistics in 2020 the size of the worldwide market will be more than $ 40 billion.

The 7 potential activity for using virtual reality for business or practical pleasure is unlimited. As an example:

  1. 3D movies – watch movies in 360 degrees VR
  2. Real estate marketing – imagine looking for a new home and can take steps to VR online from the comfort of your advertised desk chair
  3. Gaming – VR revolutionized the gaming industry, with new VR titles released almost every week
  4. Team building exercises – shake team events with VR group experience
  5. VR social media interaction – friends will be able to interact in virtual online space
    A much higher level of realism in the training scenario. Like UPS launched a new shipping driver training program using VR.
  6. Meditation – VR is ideal for customized meditation
    “Escape room” and VR lounge (where a group of people gather to play VR games or do VR adventures and solve group puzzles) experience phenomenal growth. If you understand technology and are interested in technology, virtual reality can be a business opportunity for you.
  7. Virtual Driving Test – one thing that is not less important is making a virtual driving test. This is quite interesting when someone intends to make a driving license. Interesting right?

4. Imitating your local business Previous Work

You can start a business by imitating any business object that you are working on as a previous employee. When working in a company, you will get a lot of experience. This also enters if you work as a presenter or chef at a restaurant. Start taking steps in the business. You certainly have gained a lot of knowledge and acquaintances there right? Take advantage of this and introduce it to your acquaintances who were previous clients there.

5. Coffee Shop

You know that coffee connoisseurs have developed very rapidly in recent times. This can be a very lucrative business field.
Think of an independent coffee shop that serves espresso, latte, and cappuccino, impressive, right? If you think this business can’t compete with Starbucks, think again. A coffee shop recently opened in my small town and has been full of customers since the first day. Looking further, it turns out that there are some things that make it successful in reaching customers:

The coffee shop is in a convenient location for vehicles, cycling, and pedestrian traffic.
It offers a pleasant atmosphere, including an open terrace.
Serves high-quality drinks made from small batches of specialty coffee. The shop is also served by a well-trained barista so that this product is consistent.
Not trying to compete with fast food outlets by selling brewed coffee. This is because the coffee shop has its own class.

Business Idea Without Basic Education, Just Experience Or Sucess Spirit

1 Fulfillment of Sales by Amazon (FBA)

Can you produce unique products or superior quality goods? Then read carefully. Amazon’s FBA (FBA) program enables product sellers to market their merchandise through Amazon – the world’s largest online retail platform.

This is a great business opportunity because Amazon takes your doubts when running an online retail business. This assistance is provided in return for fulfillment and monthly storage fees. Amazon handles storage, packaging, shipping, returns and customer service questions and lists on Amazon’s website.

Sellers are responsible for sending their products to Amazon’s fulfillment center and to list their products at their Amazon store. When the item sells, then you will know how easy it is to trade on Amazon. After live listings and sales are made, the seller starts receiving a share of the proceeds of the sale every week.

If you are not a producer of unique items or possessing the highest quality goods you can still sell. You can search for products for Amazon stores in various ways, such as:

  • With original product ideas made by sellers to specifications
  • Local or national wholesalers will be nice
  • From overseas discount suppliers like Alibaba
  • With arbitrage – buy discounted items online or from retail stores and resell them for profit
  • If you want to start a product sales business, the Amazon FBA program is the ideal way to enter the online retail market.

2. Food Package Sales and Delivery

Do you know that food kit services have become increasingly popular lately? This is even more well-known and useful for busy people who don’t have time to shop and prepare food. This type of business is also very popular for people who want to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing food waste. The tableware industry in the US is expected to reach $ 10 billion in sales by 2020.

Customers choose online recipes and cutlery with ingredients that have been cut and measured. This order is then sent to their home on the selected date/time, along with instructions for cooking and/or final preparation. Information that is listed such as the number of calories allows consumers to comply with dietary requirements, this is an added value for the business.

Suppliers of food kits often avoid large wholesalers and source materials from local farms, creating business opportunities for small farmers, breeders, and seafood suppliers. Opportunities may also be available to shipping service providers to collect materials from producers and/or deliver final products to customers’ homes.

3. Independent Storage Unit

The self-storage industry continues to be a booming business throughout North America. This phenomenon is driven by temporary labor, downsizing homeowners, a general trend for people to collect property. Besides reality shows like Storage Wars are also other factors beyond the influential needs. In some places like New York, demand even exceeds supply by 300%.

Even so, ironically business trends to reduce or eliminate storefront space also contribute to demand storage space. Plumbers and electricity, for example, can store tools and equipment in their own storage at a much lower cost.

In practice, modern self-storage requires environment, lighting, and security that depends on the climate. Initial capital costs for construction of land and buildings are high but can be easily financed from rental income assuming there is a stable demand for storage space in your area. This makes your business plan attractive to banks and other potential investors, very easy when you are starting a new business.

Trachte Building Systems has a free web-based calculator to determine the benefits of self-storage based on estimates of capital costs, operating costs, and rental income.

4. Small contractor home renovation

If construction talent is in your blood and imagine how enjoyable it is to enjoy a smile of satisfaction from the client you are renovating his house why not make it a business?

Start by advertising on social media or ask almost everyone who needs repair or renovation around you. You can also offer pamphlets or leaflets and be carried out around densely populated areas. Better to an elite area but contractors are hard to find and the good ones are always busy. Home renovation is one business that always seems to work, even in uncertain economic times.

Statistics show that the average homeowner in the US spends around $ 3,000 per year on home repairs. This makes the field of renovation produce a lot of business for carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, drywall, roofers, tiler, and other traders.

Bicycle Sales, Service, and Rental

Bicycles today are also becoming a trend in peoples. Given the health and environmental benefits, it is not surprising that cycling has become the second most popular outdoor activity in America based on the frequency of participation. According to peopleforbikes:

U.S. bicycle commuting has grown 47% nationally and 73% in the largest cities over a 10-year period. North American cities strive to increase the number of people who use bicycles rather than cars to go to work.
Americans spend $ 81 billion on cycling every year. Of these funds generated 770,000 jobs for people.
Anything that is healthy, popular, good for the environment and promoted by the government is a pretty good business potential.

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Apart from bicycles that only rely on pedals, E-bikes have become very popular lately. E-bikes can be pedaled without electricity or using electricity to help. Related to this, sales are expected to increase to more than 40 million units by 2023. Ordinary pedal bikes can be converted into E-bikes with kits that allow the replacement of the front or rear wheel hub with one that contains a small electric motor and adds batteries and cables.

If cycling is your passion and you want to become an entrepreneur, this might be the perfect business opportunity for you.

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