Benefits of the Job Site list: A New Era of Online Job Seek Media

Tipswalet. In the last 10 years, the development of the world of information technology has experienced very rapid development. This made a shift in the communications industry, which resulted in media convergence, namely the combination of conventional mass media and internet-based communication technology itself.

One development is that more job listing sites or sites for job seekers/job vacancies via the internet. In addition to facilitating job seekers, in fact, this kind of site is also a new industrial culture that is far more profitable for companies or job providers.

Development of Media Job Listing

This time, the real evidence that is clearly visible is that most print media on the world have an online portal with news content that is more or less the same as the conventional version. Even online news portals are often able to present more actual news.

The development of true information technology is also a means of actualization for someone, both personally and in groups to introduce themselves to be known to the wider community. Who does not know social networks like Facebook or Twitter that are loved especially by young people?

This condition seems to be an opportunity for the industry to find important production factors besides capital and raw materials, namely labor. Therefore, start a site that provides various job vacancies or job listing sites, or commonly called job sites, with various levels of education and vocational requirements or expertise.

Just call and, which is a day is able to provide thousands of job vacancy information from companies spread throughout the World.

Development of the E-Recruitment Concept

Unlike the conventional recruitment process, on job site information provider jobs, the recruitment process that is now popularly known as E-Recruitment can improve both cost and time efficiency. Job seekers or job seekers can send files to apply for soft file jobs via e-mail or electronic applications provided by job search sites, besides free of charge, the application file can be read and researched more quickly by the company.

You can imagine if this process is done conventionally, the job seeker must send the application file through the post which in fact takes several days to get to the destination, not to mention the costs that must be incurred to send the file, please count it yourself. In addition to cost and time efficiency, let’s look at some of the advantages of job site information providers compared to applying for a conventional job, as follows:

5 The benefit of job vacancy site for job seekers and company

1. Opportunities for companies to obtain a qualified workforce will increase. Even if needed can be more than the required qualifications. People with the best quality and competent work can fill positions in the company.

Employee recruitment is somewhat different from the conventional method. Unlike conventional methods supported by career paths and geographical locations, database work search sites that contain all career paths, industries and regions. This can allow the company’s personnel department to choose the most relevant company candidates.

2. The opportunity for job seekers to get complete information about the company is clear. Starting from the work and qualifications needed, working hours, working environment conditions will be clearly exposed on the online-based job vacancy site.

Not only that, salaries, facilities and benefits obtained and received by employees at the company can also be known. Of course this will not be obtained if applying for conventional methods right?

3. The company has the opportunity to carry out promotions and imaging and develop names to the community. Users or companies can display profiles and data in their account. Related parties can also contribute to developing value for prospective job seekers through company descriptions attached as additional information about the company.

4. Companies have the opportunity to obtain important information about the labor market and competition for job seekers to fight for certain positions or positions in connection with collecting statistical data on job search sites.

5. For job seekers who are registered as members of a job search site, they will get another profit, as well as automatically regarding job vacancies in accordance with the level of education and expertise needed.

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