7 Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Hosting for Websites that Not Many People Know

Tipswalet-7 Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Hosting for Websites that Not Many People Know- As a website owner, whether it’s a website for company profile, news portal, personal blog, or entertainment blog, you definitely want high traffic. Not much different, you also want the same thing, right? Almost all the online business people who are there, try hard so that their website is crowded with visitors. This is indeed true. This is because high traffic can increase sales opportunities. For bloggers, high traffic will lead to greater income from their ads.

Another effect is that more and more visitors to a website, the more that can be converted into customers. However, do you know if the height of a visitor’s website in addition to the future is satisfaction but it can also cause a problem?

This is common on websites that use personal servers with minimal costs and are careless. Until sometimes their website or blog experiences a down server.

In fact, nowadays there are many business people who START switch to DEDICATED HOSTING. Well, actually, what are the advantages of using this dedicated hosting? The following will describe the benefits that you will get after switching to using Dedicated Hosting.

1. No need to worry about the active period of the domain

As long as you use dedicated hosting, you will have your dream domain for free. You no longer need to think about when the domain will expire. This is because the domain you have for your website is guaranteed as long as you use dedicated hosting. Guarantees provided by these service providers will keep your website alive.

2. Guaranteed security

Security issues are one of the most troubled by online businesses. Whether it’s an online store or blogger content, it has the same risk. cyber perpetrators always lurk the gaps to get benefits from other people’s property.

Well, related to this, providers provide excellent protection. You will get a Single Domain SSL as a form of security that is used to keep data transactions that occur online will be randomized so that they cannot be read by other parties. And of course, company data will be safer.

3. Get a special assistant

Unlike when you rent a personal server that shares with other users, Dedicated hosting is very different. You will get assistance and services that are very helpful. No need to understand and understand the technical servers and so on. You are sufficiently focused on running a business because by buying dedicated hosting it means you have a special assistant who is ready to help you with anyone related to your server or hosting.

4. Priority for handling

It must have been done, right? You will be prioritized when getting problems with storing your website files. Like a king, valuable so that as a form of caring, you will get top priority when a problem occurs.

5. More private

You, Will, Be Getting resources is only for yourself, the IP public itself and the account per server is only used by itself so that it feels more exclusive and more private. Of course, it’s very convenient for those of you who really need a special server that is full of security services.

6. Automatic backup

No need to be afraid of losing data if there is a crash or corruption on the database. You don’t need to worry about backups anymore, because the backups are given in this dedicated hosting package per day so that your data is more secure.

7. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You do not need to be afraid of frequent downtime, because usually, the dedicated hosting service providers are very careful in maintaining consumer trust. Most of the dedicated hosting service providers will guarantee a server uptime of 99.9%.

Well, that was a review of several advantages for those of you who plan to switch from using a personal server to dedicated hosting. these benefits can even increase if you get a service provider that is already trusted and has a name.

Dedicated hosting is really very influential on the loading and page speed of a website. This will also automatically affect your website or blog that relies on SEO to reach the first page of Google.

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