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Tipswalet. 5 Startup Idea Low Risk. The idea of a startup is one that prevents people from starting a business in this area of renewal. Indeed, to start a startup, preparations have been made, including one of them is an idea. This is one of the things that are mandatory because startups themselves can develop based on things that have not been thought of by others before.

Even so, there are quite a lot of people who don’t understand well, what is a startup. We have previously discussed what is a startup and how is it progressing? You can go to the article to find out more about startups. However, we will give a little description of the development of startups in America today.

Development of startups and opportunities to start a business

The startup is a business that is increasingly being looked at by people today. Being a pioneer in a particular business field will be very good for getting high profits. For example, over the years, startups in America have increased. In 2017, the business startup rate in the US was 9.4 percent. It is with as many as 95 percents of new startups expecting better business conditions as they grow. And in 2018, startups in America grew to an average of 15.7 percent.

Until now, business conditions have become increasingly attractive for many parties to join. Of course, you are one of them. Ideas keep popping up and will make you find the best business ideas. After finding a very potential business idea, you will easily become a successful startup.

Here is 5 startup idea to a newbie if wanna get the best startup business in trade, selling and supplying. so check this out:

1. Dropship from Manufacturer to Customers

The reason is high-profit margin and low cost to startup. Whenever you get paid and receive an order from customers, use that money to buy the products from the manufacturer and send them to your customer. You don’t need to own your products, invest lots of money, nor keep inventory. To begin with, find the products and their manufacturers that are willing to drop ship for you. Integrate your website with a Shopify account ($29/month), import your product into the website, and customize it. Drive traffic to the website and focus on marketing your customers, e.g., using coupon code, free shipping or retargeting.

2. Develop Your Own Food Shack

Fast food is probably the most necessary item that we grab on our way every day. Buy a used cargo container, refurbish it, and open a food shack in that container. Do some welding work on that content according to your plan and paint it to give it an attractive look. Arrange some chairs on the top of the container, set a small staircase to provide access to the top, and start selling hot tasty foods. With proper permission, place your food shack container roadside of any busy area and within a few months, your investment will be back in your pocket.

3. Venture in Niche Affiliate Marketing

Starting a niche affiliate marketing venture continues to be a great idea for a small business. The affiliate marketing trend is still moving up, and it can be started and maintained with very little capital investment. With just a cheap domain name and hosting, WordPress, and a handful of plugins, anyone can get started in this arena. In addition, recent changes to Google’s algorithms mean that even the newest of websites are able to rank well with relevant, detailed content and start earning commissions.

4. Become a Package Forwarder That Supports eCommerce

Global e-commerce has grown significantly throughout this decade, and it is only going to continue to grow to comprise a larger share of commerce in general. Even so, many smaller e-commerce companies are still reluctant to ship internationally. For this reason, package forwarding services still make sense. Starting one is simple: find a domain, register your LLC, and advertise yourself online as a package forwarder. People will start shipping products to your location, and you will be responsible for shipping them internationally to their final destination! One massive caveat: be very careful about fraud and develop a process to screen questionable orders.

5. Showcase Your Passion in Photography

Nowadays, the right skills can turn even a simple phone camera photo into a work of art. In an age where visual communication is getting more response from consumers, your passion for photography can easily turn into a lucrative business. Get hired as a photographer, teach or sell your high-quality photos in an online platform. You can start small and create your portfolio to show potential clients your skills. Here’s a photography startup guide you can read to know more.

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