5 Chance Online Business With Low Risk And Low Capital


Tipswalet.5-Chance Online Business With Low Risk And Low Capital – Online business is a solution for some circles today. This is something that is highly considered to be done considering that this type of business provides huge profits without having to spend large amounts of capital.

In fact, in some cases, online business is the main choice because the risks they have are very small. Some such as business taxes and some minor disruptions in conventional businesses. Online Bussines can be a great choice for everybody who wants to get a lot of income without going to the office.

Internet integration to business

Along with the rapid increase in internet users and also economic growth in Indonesia today, the development of business in Indonesia has also increased rapidly. This business growth looks very striking in the field of online business and also offline go online business.

In addition to the field of e-commerce (buying and selling via the internet), online businesses also experience rapid growth in the field of information technology (IT). Media information that used to be through conventional newspapers is now an online newspaper such as; new york time, CNN, BBC, and many others. Internet business is also run by those who have skills in certain fields and want to make money from these skills.

people who can do business online

Online business is a business that is done well by individuals and companies online in cyberspace. in other words, this business is operated by using the internet network. So, anyone who has an internet connection and a computer / mobile device can run an internet business. The target market is not limited because we can sell our products anywhere both locally and internationally.

Internet business can be run by anyone, even those who are clueless can learn online business. One example that I have already mentioned is Jak Ma which sells various objects via the internet. He can reach potential buyers online and make it possible to get greater profits.

Maybe some of you are wondering, what is the best and most trusted online business that can be profitable for the long term? Based on my experience and the information I found about internet business, here are some of the latest promising online business opportunities even without large capital. We can also do this business from home even when we are lying on the bed:

1. Internet Business by Selling Other People’s Products.

In my opinion, this is one of the most profitable types of online business now. The reason is, many consumers in the world have switched to online rather than shopping offline. To run this online business also does not need large capital, almost without capital.

The advantage of selling other people’s products (reseller/drop shipper/affiliate) is a way of doing business where we do not need to worry about the procurement of goods to be sold and also the shipping process. There are many online stores that offer this program, of course, we also have to study the transaction history of the online store. Make sure that you work with people who are responsible and trustworthy.

Online stores that offer reseller and dropship programs are usually willing to send goods to buyers where the name of the goods or our online store is the sender. So that we will not lose the buyer if they want to make a purchase later. Products sold by way of resellers/dropship are usually shaped goods.

Apart from selling physical products, we can sell other people’s products in digital forms such as ebook, video, and membership. Usually, this program is called affiliate, where we get a commission of a percentage of the total price of digital products that we successfully sell through our affiliate link.

2. Online Business Selling Services Writing / Creating Website Content

Selling writing services is one of the best-selling online businesses in Indonesia. The reason, because nowadays many media blogs/websites have sprung up and require writers to fill the website content.

Website content can be in the form of text, images, and videos. But from most website content I see on average using text or articles. If you or the people around you have the ability to write articles, make videos and images, then this is the online business opportunity that you must run.

In addition to the content in the form of text, there are also quite a lot of video content and logo images that are needed. One of the most sought-after video and image content is creating video marketing as well as logo images related to the business that will be marketed.

There are lots of website owners or business owners who don’t have the time or don’t have good skills in creating content, logos, and videos for their websites and businesses. If you are serious about building an online business in the business of website article writing services, they are your ideal target market.

3. Internet Business Selling Website / Blog Creation Services

This is suitable for someone who has the ability to build a website or blog. You do not need to have very great expertise in compiling website codes from scratch because there are actually many fairly easy ways to build a good website/blog.

One platform that is very easy to learn and apply in building a website/blog is WordPress. In WordPress, there are lots of themes/templates that are ready to use and unique, both free and paid with a professional look.

At first, you might feel that you are not capable of running this business. But if you are used to making a good website/blog, of course, your prospective buyers will not think long to hire your services. And we need to pay attention before selling this service, we should also have a business website with a convincing look.

In order to be able to run this business well, of course, you must have a qualified domain and hosting provider partner.

4. Becoming an Online Broker

This business is pretty much done by online businesses. A broker is a person or a company whose job is to bring together the seller of a product/service to prospective buyers. Of course, to be a broker, we must have a network and acquaintances that are quite extensive.

In online business, the trust of prospective customers is something very important. Therefore, we should need to study the background of the people we want to meet, both the seller and the prospective buyer.

Some businesses that use online brokerage services include; sell websites, sell a property, sell services, and others. Another thing we need to consider as an online broker is in terms of determining the price of the product/service you provide. We recommend that you do not take profits too big and also do not be too small because this involves your profits and also the trust of your clients.

5. Become a Consultant in a Specific Field Online

This business is very suitable if you have excellent abilities in a particular field, in the sense that you are an expert in the field you are in. Some examples for this business area are consulting SEO (search engine optimization) a website, business development consulting, consulting romance problems, consulting traditional medicine, and others.

In the past, the consulting services business was run offline. However, now the business in the field of consulting services is very prevalent we find on the internet. So, if you have skills or expertise in a particular field, then this expertise can be a profitable business if it is marketed online.

6. Become a Professional Blogger

This business is almost certainly everyone can do it. There are many bloggers who have a fanatical income from blogs/websites built. I am personally very inspired by the success story of a blogger from the UK, where initially his WordPress blog which was about social media eventually became a big site with more than four hundred thousand dollars in income per month.

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Income from blogs can come from Google Adsense PPC (pay per click) programs, ad space, product reviews, and others. To become a blogger is certainly not a very difficult thing right?

7. Become a Freelancer Online

To become an online freelancer is actually quite easy. You only need to register on several sites providing online jobs for freelance. In addition, you only need to prepare various needs such as self-identity, computer or smartphone, until the internet network is quite smooth

Working online as a freelance also does not make your time consumed because of being flexible. In addition, the value produced is also not small. Some people also say that this is the best thing that should be calculated to increase income.

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