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Tipswalet. 3 Tips to consider when writing articles – How to write suggested is not something absolute. However, it can be used as a reference because I actually still learn how to write articles well. At first, making an article was a little difficult for me, but after I tried it over time finally the writing I made could look good.

The essence of blogging is to create content or short articles that are interesting, useful and can be read by others, is that simple isn’t it? But sometimes this might not be as simple as that! Some people spend their time thinking of concepts that make themselves dizzy as if writing a blog article is like assembling a sophisticated rocket. When you don’t, you can simply do a few simple explanations and look at the reader from the point of view. You have to feel whether your writing is a criterion that the reader likes or not.

The Purpose of Writing an Article

For personal blogs, it should not be difficult to write an article because there are no specific rules in creating a personal blog. Unlike the product review blog, for example, a blog that discusses gadgets or blogs whose contents are about culinary, and others. The style of language used on personal blogs and blogs about technology is certainly different. Personal blogs are usually freer and use non-standard everyday language is not a problem. Of course, this style of language is not right when done on a blog whose contents are about technology because it can give the impression that the article is not serious.

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Before we discuss tips on how to write a good article, it helps us to discuss a little about the style of writing an article. There are 2 styles of language that are often used when writing, namely the journalistic style and summary style.

  • Journalistic style directly provides the main information at the beginning of the article and supporting information. It’s will follow in the middle or end of the article.
  • While summary styles are similar to concise news styles aimed at readers who expect detailed information, directly to the topic of discussion. The reader can also decide whether he will read the details provided or just read the summary of the article.

The following are 3 Tips to consider when writing articles according to the tipswalet.com version:

1. Use language that is easy for everyone to understand

If we found a blog article whose contents made me dizzy and bothered because the article was convoluted and too long. Surely I would not want to go back to that blog. It is because I was don’t have the main idea after reading the complicated article. Try to make every article we write in a blog readable and easy to understand by others and of course in a simple language style. Because it requires repeated practice in making good articles and finally it will hone our writing skills to be better.

2. Read a lot of books or other references

A writer cannot possibly produce good writing if he rarely or never reads other people’s writing, that is certain. For example, for example, a blog owner who writes about internet marketing in his blog, of course, he will need a good reference to make quality articles.

In addition to getting information, inspiration, and new knowledge, reading books can also help our brain to think logically and systematically. If we often read quality books or writings, we will gradually be able to write articles or books that are readable.

3. Have a unique language style

This is one of the important things in writing, but we don’t need to be too fixated on this because it can hinder creativity itself. Start practicing writing in your own way, no need to be embarrassed or insecure because our writing style is different from a famous writer.

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Whatever style or the way we make writing that is most important here is how to make the article or article provide information, relevant, and easy to understand. We can make a simple article for information that is really simple. We can also make an article with a title that contains provocatives that can hit your readers.

Three tips on how to write good articles above may seem trivial, but these tips can make us accustomed to making good articles for our blog. Do you have other tips? Please share via comments.

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