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Tipswalet. 20 The Best Affiliate Business Programs  – The cooperation program or commonly called an affiliate is one of the promising sources of income nowadays. This program allows someone to get unlimited income by recommending or explaining the benefits of a product or service. A lot of evidence from this affiliate businessman who is successful and makes a lot of money.

One of the best potentials is the affiliate program from Amazon. This is even recommended by those who have gained wealth from this program. In addition, it is known, Amazon became one of the largest retail sales sites that have many items for sale. We have discussed this in a previous article entitled: 10 Reason Advantages and Benefits of Amazon.com Affiliate

But of course, there are still many who are confused about this affiliate program. Well, here we review what the affiliate program is and some other affiliate programs that are no less profitable.

What Is Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs or partnerships are marketing techniques where sellers work with marketers through marketers’ websites. In practice, marketers get a special link that has been given a tracking (tracker) so that every transaction that comes from the marketer will be known by the seller’s affiliate system. If sales meet the affiliate criteria, the marketer will get a commission from the sale. Sales commissions are usually a percentage of the price of goods sold.

How Affiliate Program Work

The affiliate business is currently being glimpsed by bloggers because of its automatic working system and easy access. This business can be run from anywhere so it is very flexible. The way the affiliate program works is also very transparent and can be easily and quickly learned even for beginners.

Joining an affiliate business is the most appropriate step for those who are very happy to sell but do not or do not have homemade products that are ready for sale to buyers. The job of running an affiliate business is simply marketing or promoting other party products on the blog. Remember, it is only promotion and marketing, it does not involve anything else. What is currently a problem is that many people are very interested in doing affiliate business but do not really understand how affiliate programs work. Because that’s important for you beginners to learn more information before joining affiliate marketing here.

Register for an affiliate program business

Affiliate opportunities are open to anyone who is interested and usually does not require a variety of things like other jobs. for affiliate business beginners, the first step that must be done is to register with an affiliate program that is now widely available. For beginners, choose an affiliate program that doesn’t pay because there are also paid affiliate programs.

Obtaining links with unique codes

After the registration process is complete and accepted, then you will get a website link that is unique and different from the others. This link is called an affiliate link which is generally similar to the original website link. But in the link, there is an embedded code as your unique affiliate code.

Promote products

The next task after obtaining an affiliate link is to promote the product from the website that works with you in the affiliate program. The promotion process can be done by writing-related articles. Then you can use the affiliate link that was received earlier in the article.

Get commission

After doing a promotion with an affiliate link if there is a downline that downloads or makes purchases of affiliate program product transactions through the affiliate link offered then you will automatically get a nominal commission according to the agreement. The amount of commission given usually ranges from 5% to 12%. The process of recording how many transactions or visitors that enter through the link that you have referred is done by the Browser Cookies system and there will be a recap every month.

The Best Affiliate Program For Me

To take part in an affiliate program, it’s actually very easy. You only have to register yourself with companies that have provided an affiliate program. However, you have to choose again, which is the best affiliation. Some criteria that you have to think about are:

  1. The affiliate program is very potential by providing various products for sale.
  2. The company that provides the affiliate program has a clear track record and has a good rating in the eyes of other experienced marketing.
  3. You have to master the material from the company where you collaborate in the affiliate program.

The three things above should be your reference for joining the affiliate program. For points 1 and 3, you might be able to learn by yourself by searching and analyzing. However, specifically for point 2, you should get a good recommendation.

Well, here, we present at least 20 affiliation programs that are trusted and become many marketers and publishers. Anyway, this is a list of the 20 best affiliate programs for you with high pay.

20 of the best-paid affiliate business programs

There are currently many Affiliate business programs available. However, it turns out that not all of these businesses are good for you to follow. Reporting from various sources, we present 20 of the best-paid affiliate programs with high fees. Apart from that, the best affiliate program has also been recommended by many marketers who have already plunged into the world of affiliation and won millions of dollars. Now, whatever it is, let’s look at the following list:

1. Bridaluxe

Is an affiliate program network that specializes in wedding products. If you like a marriage then this is perfect for you to follow.

2.  AdCommunal / AdCanadian

AdCommunal is part of the AdCanadian network and the best in the internet marketing industry to this day.

3.  RevenueWire

Specially selling digital products. Carrying out the concept of sustainable product trading and ethical selling.

4. Webgains

Established since 2004 and is part of the pepper media group. Product advertisements from Webgains can be seen in more than 50 countries in the world.

5. Zanox

Is the largest in Europe. Part of the Axel Springer News and Media Group network in Germany.

6. Affiliate Future

Affiliate Future claims to be the largest in the UK for affiliate product content providers, with a transaction value of more than 130 million pounds in 2007.

7. Pepperjam

If you lose traffic, either on the blog or site where you are promoting the product will generally be reprimanded by the affiliate program provider. But not with Pepperjam who is still faithful to serve you even with little traffic.

8. Advertising.com

Judging more than 2 billion impressions per day in serving product advertisements in various sites. This seems appropriate for you to follow but needs to be examined first before joining.

9. LinkConnector

A new affiliate program that claims to have a different way of valuing the philosophy of selling products.

10. eBay Partner Network

eBay is a big name in the auction world and has an affiliate program that needs to be taken into account. The eBay Partner Network adheres to the QCP system (Quality Click Pricing).

11. TradeDoubler

Originally from Sweden and currently there are 18 different large market networks in Europe.

12. AvantLink

AvantLink is very professional in managing its affiliate program system. You will be greatly helped by the system.

13. Google Affiliate Network

If you are a beginner and find it difficult to join other affiliate programs, joining the Google Affiliate Network is the answer. It’s easy to agree to join and be able to find various popular affiliate programs.

14. Amazon

So far Amazon offers the smallest percentage of profits among the others. But Amazon’s reporting system and popularity will boost your sales techniques and reportedly outperform other larger affiliate programs.

15. LinkShare

Owned by a Japanese company, Rakuten. There are many choices of popular world languages ​​to make it easier for us to determine the best choice in selling products.

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16. oneNetworkDirect

Is the biggest affiliate program for the software category. Many leading software companies can be found here, complete with products that are ready for sale. It’s easy to make a promotion because it’s helped by a very sophisticated system. oneNetworkDirect has many offices in various countries ready to help you sell products.

17. Affiliate Window / buy.at

Is the biggest affiliate program in the UK. Fully supported by many affiliate programs in the European region.

18. ShareASale

ShareASale is the best of all categories for performance. You can find various affiliate programs in ShareASale.

19. Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ is the best if you are looking for a variety of affiliate programs from many world-renowned companies. With an easy interface, we can quickly join and promote selected products. CJ is the right choice which is a balance between the Merchant, Network, and Affiliate itself.

20. ClickBank

This is the best of the many affiliate programs that exist. You must follow and it is very important to note because there are so many good programs in the ClickBank network. Initially, ClickBank was not open to some country, but now it’s open to anyone who wants to join.

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