10 Reason Advantages and Benefits of Amazon.com Affiliate, Newbie Must Read This

Tipswalet. 10 Reason Advantages and Benefits of Amazon.com Affiliate, Newbie Must Read This –  Amazon.com is the largest online store in the world that provides various types of products, ranging from books, electronic goods, household needs, games, gadgets, and others. This online store was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and based in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Aside from America, Amazon stores spread widely throughout the world, such as Italy, Germany, Britain, Canada, Spain, China, and Japan. Amazon.com provides an opportunity for publishers who have a website or blog to earn money from their website by offering affiliate programs (Amazon Associates), and all publishers around the world can join this program.

System and Profit

To become an Amazon.com affiliate or as a seller of Amazon.com products, we must register first (free). To registration, you can visit the Amazon.com affiliate program site. The commission earned by the publisher every time there is a sale of its affiliated links is 4% – 8.5% of the total price of goods sold. Its mind the more products are sold, the more the percentage of the commission will be, not bad?

There are several beneficial benefits to participating in the affiliate program

1. Amazon.com is a trusted online store in the world and has many customers, so the possibility to benefit from the Amazon.com affiliate program is huge.

2. The types of products sold are very diverse, you as a publisher will not run out of ideas in choosing the type of product you want to promote. This is because the choice of products is very large, arguably almost all products can be purchased through Amazon.com.

3. The information and details of the products being sold are also very complete, making it easier for us to analyze which products are the best-selling in the market and which products get a rating that is not good from the buyer.

4. Amazon.com is famous for online stores that maintain their capabilities and consumer trust. If the item purchased is damaged because of the shipping process or does not match the description of the item, the customer can return or request the replacement of the same item. This is what makes Amazon.com highly trusted by its customers because it provides a 30-day guarantee for buyers.

5. There is no fee to join Amazon.com and they do not apply to the publisher’s franchise system. Because of that, the publisher will not be charged anything for registering or withdrawing the commission.

6. Customers can do all transactions online, anytime, anywhere. This makes the potential number of buyers more and more, and even more Amazon commissions.

7. Publishers do not need to bother with the process of providing and shipping goods because everything has been done by Amazon.com.

8. The publisher can choose what items will be promoted, and Amazon.com has provided banners, links, widgets, which can help the promotion process.

9. Amazon.com provides a complete sales report accompanied by commissions that have been obtained by the publisher.

10. The possibility of cross-selling is higher from other affiliates. When a customer enters Amazon.com through a promotional link on our website and does not buy the item instead buys another item, we as the publisher still get a commission according to the percentage and price of the item purchased.

Many internet marketers around the world are participating in the Amazon.com affiliate program. Not a few people who have a substantial income from this business.

Payment And Earning Transfer From Amazon.com

Commission payments from Amazon.com can be sent via Direct Payment, Check, and AGC (Amazon Gift Cards). For earnings shipping services by check, it requires a long process.

Check that it will be sent to your home later from America. Delivery of the Check turned out to take approximately 1 month. The check withdrawal process itself takes 40 days and is subject to a $ 30 fee from the local bank for each cashed check.
But this varies from country to country.

For earning payments, the most possible is to use Direct Deposit services.

The process of disbursing Amazon earnings can be directed to an American bank account of your friend in America, then he sends the money to your local bank account.

Of course, there are costs, but the costs given by my friend are very cheap and the disbursement process becomes very easy and fast. Are you interested in joining the Amazon.com affiliate program? Please register on the affiliate-program.amazon.com website.

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